Best Incontinence Bed Sheets + Choosing The Best For Your Bed!

Many caregivers and seniors who are struggling with incontinence are on the search for waterproof bed sheets.

Unfortunately, waterproof sheets do not exist. Aside from using plastic on your bed, which would be terribly uncomfortable, there is no 100% waterproof option when it comes to sheets.

That being said, there are bed sheets that can help with incontinence and certain things to look for when purchasing bed wetting sheets. Continue reading for our advice on purchasing sheets as well as our top picks for the best incontinence bed sheets.

Bed protection for incontinence works by having layers underneath the sheets that protect the mattress and bed. To fully combat incontinence, pair bed sheets with disposable bed pads, washable bed pads, or a waterproof mattress pad

What Makes a Good Incontinence Bed Sheet

Easy to Clean

Due to the frequency of washing, incontinence bed sheets need to be easy to clean.

Consider how conveniently the sheets can be placed or removed from the bed. Ideally, you’ll want sheets that can be quickly taken off and put on the bed without too much of a hassle, since dealing with incontinence means frequent bed sheet changes. In some cases, zippered sheets can make it easier to clean your bed sheets frequently. Read more about the QuickZip Fitted Sheet below.


Sheets for incontinence must be durable because they need to withstand both heavy and frequent washing. Prioritize sheets with simple washing instructions and ones that will last wash after wash. Always follow the specific washing instructions to increase the longevity of your sheets. 

Strong Elastic 

Look for a strong elastic that will keep sheets secure on any bed. A strong elastic will make it easier for you to pull a bottom sheet on and off, and it will ensure your sheet remains secure in between washes.

Dealing with incontinence means you’ll need to change your sheets often, so consider the ease of making the bed when choosing the sheets that are right for you.

Sheet Color 

Look for sheets with a darker color when battling incontinence. White or light-colored sheets will show even the slightest stain. A dark color like black, navy, or dark grey will match many rooms while hiding any pesky stains. If you like a little more color in your life, consider a deep red, purple, or green. Patterns can also help hide slight staining and can add a fun appeal to your sleep setup.

Best Incontinence Bed Sheets Available Online

QuickZip Fitted Sheet

Best Convenient Incontinence Bed Sheet

QuickZip Fitted Plus Spare Bundle: 1 Fitted Sheet (Base + Zip Sheet) & 1 Zip Sheet - Easy to Change, Won’t Pop Off - Soft Sateen 400 TC 100% Cotton - 16” Deep Pockets Queen Size Sheets – White
1,288 Reviews
QuickZip Fitted Plus Spare Bundle: 1 Fitted Sheet (Base + Zip Sheet) & 1 Zip Sheet - Easy to Change, Won’t Pop Off - Soft Sateen 400 TC 100% Cotton - 16” Deep Pockets Queen Size Sheets – White
  • FITTED SHEETS REDEFINED: QuickZip is a patented, 2-part fitted sheet that is convenient, comfortable & hassle-free in every way imaginable; Placing or changing fitted sheets on & off the mattress will...
  • WON’T POP OFF: The fitted sheet base is open on the bottom and snugly hugs the sides of the mattress, with the proprietary SuperGrip Corners keeping it firmly in place; Deep pockets (16”), durable...
  • SWIFT ACTION ZIP-ON SHEETS: The Zip-On Sheets can be easily zipped on & off the fitted base with the help of a sturdy YKK zipper that stays hidden out of sight; This Queen sheet set includes two 400...
  • EASY TO CLEAN, CHANGE & FOLD: Unlike age-old fitted sheet sets that are incredibly cumbersome to change & wash, QuickZip’s Zip-On Sheet comes off with a swish of the zipper; Extremely easy to...

About: The QuickZip Fitted Sheet is a two-piece system that allows you to keep the base of the fitted sheet on the bed. To wash the sheet, simply unzip the top portion of the sheet for convenient cleaning. After it’s washed, you zip the top layer back on to the base. This patented design is ideal for the frequent washing that comes with incontinence. 

The base of the sheet has a durable, continuous elastic and SuperGrip Corners, which keep it firmly in place. And you don’t need to worry about the aesthetic. A fabric flap conceals the zipper for a polished look, which means you and your house guests won’t know it’s there. 

The QuickZip Fitted Sheet is available in seven different finishes. We recommend Navy, Sand, or Slate Grey for the best incontinence protection. Wash the sheets before using them for the first time to achieve a snug fit. 

They are available to fit Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, RV Queen, and King mattresses.

What Users Say: Customers praise the design and convenience of the QuickZip Fitted Sheet. Some people say that they’ll never go back to their old bed sheets because these sheets make bed-making so easy. Customers also noted that these sheets worked particularly well with adjustable beds, as the continuous elastic means the corners don’t pop off. 

CGK Unlimited 4 Piece Sheet Set

Best Soft Incontinence Bed Sheet

Queen Size 4 Piece Sheet Set - Comfy Breathable & Cooling Sheets - Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets for Women & Men - Deep Pockets, Easy-Fit, Extra Soft & Wrinkle Free Sheets - Purple Oeko-Tex Bed Sheet Set
  • 4 PIECE BED SHEET SET: 2 pillow cases and a flat sheet and fitted sheet. Flat Sheet (102”x 90”) Fitted Sheet (80”x 60”) 2 Pillow Cases (20” x 30”).
  • DEEP POCKETS/ EASY FIT: They fit mattresses up to around 16 inches deep. If your mattress is smaller than 16 inches it will fit just fine. A lot of mattresses are pretty big these days and we feel...
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: If you're looking for very soft sheets you have found them! They're breathable, cool and super silky soft. The comfort of these sheets will have you coming back! They're softer...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY BRUSHED MICROFIBER: A lighter difference. A softer, finer touch. These are made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber yarns. The virtually weightless wonder of CGK Unlimited...

About: The CGK Unlimited 4 Piece Sheet set is made from microfiber, which makes the sheets soft, silky, and durable. They are stain resistant, breathable, and⁠—most importantly⁠—easy to clean. They are also hypoallergenic if you or your loved one suffer from allergies. 

They feature a double elastic and extra deep pockets to ensure sheets stay on the bed. The extra deep pockets allow them to fit on high mattresses, which are becoming more popular.

There are 20 color options available with several dark options to choose from, such as black, brown, burgundy, and purple. 

These sheets fit Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King mattresses.

What Users Say: Customers are impressed at how soft and light the sheets are while still being thick and durable. In general, customers praise the comfort of the CGK sheets, and many wonder why they had not made the switch to softer sheets sooner. 

AmazonBasics Light-Weight Microfiber Sheet Set

Best Inexpensive Incontinence Bed Sheet

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set with 14-inch Deep Pockets, Queen, Navy Blue, Solid
  • Sheet set for creating a comfortable sleeping space and cozy bedroom environment
  • Includes a Queen bed sheet set with a (1) 90 x 102 inch flat sheet, (1) 60 x 80 x 14 inch fitted sheet, and (2) 20 x 30 inch Standard pillowcases
  • Polyester microfiber material offers strength and durability with exceptional softness
  • All-around elastic on 14-inch fitted sheet allows for snug, secure fit of most mattress sizes up to a 16-inch mattress depth

About: These AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheets are 100% polyester microfiber material, which makes them strong and durable so that they can contend with multiple washes while still remaining soft to the touch. The polyester material also makes the sheets more stain resistant than cotton sheets. 

AmazonBasics sheet sets come in 45 colors and patterns to choose from. If you’re looking for a wide selection of colors, this may be the sheet set for you. There are 23 color options with several dark options, and 22 additional pattern options, including stripes, plaid, and floral. If you still want something light, opt for a sheet that has a pattern so that stains stay hidden.

The sheets fit Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King mattresses.

What Users Say: Customers say the sheets are excellent quality for their low cost. Some customers stress that users read the laundry instructions carefully. Washing sheets in a hot water washing machine cycle may cause pilling to occur more quickly than expected. 

Moisture Wicking PeachSkinSheets 

Best Moisture Wicking Incontinence Bed Sheet

PeachSkinSheets Mint Julep Sheet Set - 1500tc Level of Softness - Extra Soft Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers and Night Sweats - Queen Size
  • 🍑 WHAT'S INCLUDED: QUEEN SIZE SET INCLUDES 4 Pieces: One 90" x 102" Flat Sheet, one 60" x 80" Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet with extension panel for mattresses up to 22" thick including memory foam,...
  • 🍑 WE'RE THE REAL DEAL The Authentic. The One and Only. The Original PeachSkinSheets from Atlanta, Georgia | Every sheet and duvet cover set comes with our Signature Orange Packaging and Peach...
  • 🍑 21st Century SMART Fabric and Moisture Wicking Management for Year Round Comfort | Hot Sleepers Stay Drier and Cooler, Cool Sleepers Stay Cozy | Our sheets won't change your body chemistry or...
  • 🍑 BREATHABLE PERFORMANCE FABRIC Made of a Lightweight, Athletic Grade Poly-Fiber Material Designed for Maximum Airflow and Wicking | A 90 GSM weight and dual brushed PeachSkin finish provides an...

About: Moisture Wicking PeachSkinSheets are designed to wick away sweat, so they’re the closest you can get to waterproof bed sheets. 

They are made from a breathable fabric designed to maximize airflow and wicking. They feature a 1500 thread count, so not only will they keep you dry in the night, but the sheets will only grow softer the more they are washed. They are stain resistant, fast drying, and come with a 1-year warranty. 

PeachSkinSheets are available in 19 colors, some of which are quite unique, such as harvest gold, chocolate, and eggplant. For incontinence, we recommend choosing one of the several dark colors that are available. 

They are sized to fit Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King mattresses. 

What Users Say: Customers enjoy how quickly these sheets dry, and most of all, praise the comfort and softness of the sheets. People say they are soft and silky without having a slick or slippery feel. Customers also praised them for being cool and breathable, which is a huge benefit on hot summer nights.

In the end, choosing the best incontinence bed sheets comes down to convenience and preference. With a high frequency of washing, you want the bed-making experience to be as smooth as possible.

Other Incontinence Tips & Tricks

  • Use Blankets Instead of a Comforter. If you or a loved one is frequently dealing with incontinence, try using layers of blankets instead of a single thick comforter. Comforters are more difficult to wash, while layers of blankets can be washed and tried more efficiently (plus, if only one blanket layer gets wet, you can simply wash that one individual blanket).
  • Adult Diapers Work Too. If you’re having issues keeping a senior’s bedding dry, adult diapers or incontinence briefs may be another consideration. However, you’ll need to ensure you’re changing any used diapers on a regular basis – you’ll never want a senior to be stuck in a used diaper all night.

What sheets are your favorite, and how do you battle stains, durability, and frequent bed-making? Share your experiences in the comments.

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