Best Wheelchair Cup Holders: Top Picks for Convenience & Accessibility

Wheelchairs provide mobility and independence for many elderly seniors and individuals with disabilities, but staying comfortably hydrated while on the move can be a challenge!

Wheelchair cup holders are a handy little accessory that can make life a lot easier for those in a wheelchair.

Designed to securely hold beverages, wheelchair cup holders make it easy to keep a liquid close at hand, allowing for a senior to easily stay hydrated throughout the day.

There are a few basic types of wheelchair cup holders available, ranging from simple clamp-on designs to more sophisticated attachments that swivel and adjust for different sizes of cups and bottles.

In this guide, we’ll dive into all the essential need-to-know info about wheelchair cup holders and how to choose one that meets your or an elderly senior’s needs based on different situations and environments.

Best Wheelchair Cup Holders

Discover our top selection of wheelchair cup holders designed to enhance convenience and accessibility.

1. Wiicare 2-in-1 Wheelchair Cup Holder and Storage Box

Best for Extra Storage
Wiicare Wheelchair Cup Holder 2-in-1

Handy 2-in-1 wheelchair cup holder with extra storage space included for glasses, keys, etc

A versatile and practical addition to your wheelchair, the Wiicare 2-in-1 Cup Holder and Storage Box offers convenience and adaptability — it doesn’t just hold coffee mugs and water bottles, it can hold other small items like glasses, keys or a phone too!

The Wiicare 2-in-1 Wheelchair Cup Holder and Storage Box relies on a dual-function design to provide a convenient space for a drink as well as additional storage for items.

The cup holder’s flexible flaps allow it to adapt to various bottle sizes, ensuring your drinks stay upright even on uneven surfaces.

It has a hole for a handle too! This allows mugs to easily slide into the holder without issue.

Compatible with a wide range of mobility devices, camping and lounge chairs, and even boats or tractors, this cup holder is super versatile.

Its easy installation process allows for a quick setup without hassle (just turn the knob to tighten around the section where you’d like to have the cup holder installed). And, the 360-degree rotation feature ensures that the holder can adapt to different pole angles for optimal positioning.

Despite its many advantages, some users have reported that the holder may not tighten enough. Knob-based tighteners aren’t always the most heavy-duty (they can be especially tricky if your dexterity isn’t great), and some seniors report the cup holder may move during use.

Still, if someone with solid finger dexterity helps you work to tighten it as much as possible, chances are you’ll be quite happy with this handy two-in-one wheelchair cupholder.


  • 2-in-1 design for both cup holder and storage box
  • Universal compatibility with wheelchairs, rollators, strollers, and more
  • Easy installation and 360-degree rotation adjustment


  • May not tighten enough, causing movement during use
  • Wheelchair may not fit through narrow doorways when attached, as it does add to wheelchair’s width
  • Fairly large with added storage — may be too large for some

2. Accmor Universal Cup Holder

Best Budget Pick
Accmor Universal Cup Holder

Affordable wheelchair cup holder with compact design that won't take up too much space 

The Accmor Universal Cup Holder is a versatile and secure option for those in need of a wheelchair cup holder with multiple uses.

The Accmor Universal Cup Holder is a well-liked and popular wheelchair cup holder with a large caliber design, compatible with various bottle and cup sizes, ensuring your drink stays secure during your daily activities.

This cup holder features a rubber-padded clamp to prevent sliding while installed (and many attest, this allows it to be quite more secure than standard knob-clasp cup holders), and its 360-degree rotation capability allows for easy adjustments to accommodate different angles on the wheelchair.

The three automatic springs inside the bottle cage help to prevent spills on rough surfaces, making it a reliable choice for those on the go.

It is worth noting that the hard plastic material that may cause scratches on some cups (although this isn’t an issue for most bottles and glasses) and the lack of a slit for cups with handles isn’t ideal for mugs.


  • Highly adaptable for various items and vehicles
  • Wide clamp adjustment (up to 1.37 inches) for easy installation
  • 360-degree rotation for customizable positioning


  • May scratch certain cup materials due to hard plastic design
  • No slit for cups or glasses with handles
  • Some users may find the size too small for specific cups and glasses

3. Accmor 2-in-1 Walker Cup Holder with Phone Holder

Another Top Pick
Accmor Cup Holder with Phone Holder

A variation on the standard Accmore cup holder, allowing for a small storage pocket in which a small phone or glasses can be stored

The Accmor 2-in-1 Walker Cup Holder with Phone Holder is similar to the other Accmor drink holder above, but this unit features an added storage space to keep keys or a phone.

The Accmor 2-in-1 Walker Cup Holder has an upgraded multi-use design, featuring both a cup holder and a storage box. This storage box is smaller than the one featured with the Wiicare cup holder, but it’s still plenty of space to hold a phone or another small item.

Plus, the smaller storage area means you may have an easier time navigating thresholds or smaller entryways.

Like others, this rollator cup holder boasts flexible flaps that make the holder suitable for a wide range of beverage containers, including water bottles, coffee mugs, and thermoses.

Some report that the cup holder may require extra tightening or re-adjustments over time, but this isn’t a huge issue for most.


  • 2-in-1 design with storage box
  • Universal compatibility (clamp opens up to 4.5 cm)
  • Adjustable flaps for various cup sizes


  • May require re-adjustments after use
  • Wheelchair width may be affected

4. Issyzone Wheelchair Cup Holder

Another Top Pick
Issyzone Wheelchair Cup Holder

Universal wheelchair cup holder with a bonus purse-holding add-on

The Issyzone Wheelchair Cup Holder is another solid cup holder solution for a wheelchair or scooter — plus, it comes with a separate bag holder attachment too!

This cup holder’s flexible flaps ensure a secure fit for various cup sizes, whether drinking from a water bottle or adult sippy cup.

Users are impressed with the overall durability of the cup holder, able to hold up to 24-oz water bottles without sliding or coming loose.

We also love that this cup holder includes an additional attachment hook to hold a purse or bag of groceries on one’s walker or wheelchair. A pretty nifty little bonus!


  • Universal compatibility with up to 3.5cm pole attachment width
  • Easy knob-turn installation with 360-degree rotation
  • Cut-out holes for mugs or cups with handles
  • Free add-on purse holder attachment


  • May not fit certain devices with thicker bars

Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Wheelchair Cup Holder

When looking for the best wheelchair cup holders, there are several aspects to consider before making a purchase.

Compatibility and Attachment

Obviously, you want a wheelchair cup holder that fits your wheelchair or rollator model!

Ensure that the cup holder can be securely attached and positioned on the armrest, frame, or handle. We recommend choosing where you plan to install the cup-holder, measuring the pole or attachment spot, and compare that measurement to the cup holder minimum and maximum clamp opening.

Chances are though, unless you’re dealing with a custom or unusually-sized walker or wheelchair, any of the cup holders above should work just fine, as they are intended to have universal compatibility.

Size and Capacity

The size of your preferred beverage container plays a role in selecting an appropriate cup holder — if you always drink coffee out of a mug, opt for a design with holes that allows for cups with handles.

We usually recommend opting for a cup holder with adjustable features, such as adjustable flaps or an expandable design, to cater to different beverage sizes. Luckily, the vast majority of cup holders for wheelchairs and walkers have these built in.

Easy Installation and Removal

Finally, evaluate the ease of installation and removal, as you may need to adjust the cup holder position or remove it entirely. Consider factors such as the use of clamps, straps, or adhesive mechanisms, based on your preference and comfort.

Luckily, all the wheelchair cup holders listed here are a breeze to install or uninstall, and are not permanent fixtures in any way.

Although, you may want to help of someone with good finger dexterity and hand strength to tighten the cup holder so it can stay as secure as possible.

Wheelchair cup holders can be a huge benefit for seniors looking for a convenient way to stay hydrated. In fact, just adding a cup holder to an elderly’s seniors wheelchair can be an easy way to get an elderly senior to drink more water!

Just attach to your wheelchair and off you go, with plenty of H20 in tow.

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