our mission

to help seniors & their caregivers

Watching a loved one get older is hard, and comes with a whole new set of challenges.

Within this new phase of life, there are many small home modifications that can dramatically improve an elderly individual’s quality of life. But often, these solutions remain a mystery to the average family member who has recently become a caregiver.

Our goal at Safer Senior Care is to help seniors and their caregivers find easy solutions – or home “hacks”- that can greatly reduce an elderly or disabled individual’s safety, comfort, and happiness. 

our team

to help seniors & their caregivers

Our team is a small, lean group of experienced caregivers and writers passionate about educating individuals on how to provide a safe living environment for their loves ones.


Meg Marrs


Meg is the Founder of Safer Senior Care, inspired to create a senior care resource after witnessing many elderly individuals struggle at home. She has spent time volunteering at local nursing homes and is passionate about elderly advocacy.  

Meg is an experienced writer and digital business owner, managing a portfolio of education-based sites seeking to share knowledge.

laura herman

Laura Herman

Elder and Dementia Care Professional

Laura Herman has been an elder and dementia care professional for 20+ years, serving a variety of roles from frontline caregiver to facility administrator. Laura is passionate about supporting dementia patients and their caregivers.

She is also the author of ABC Dementia, a blog focused on understanding and responding to behavioral communications in dementia.


Katherine Abruzzese

writer & senior advocate

Katie Abruzzese is a freelance writer who is passionate about senior care. She works as a High School Counselor in Massachusetts for grades 9-12. Katie also performs at a local assisted living home for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease in her free time.

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