Best Lap Blankets for Elderly Seniors: Keeping Seniors Cozy!

Looking for the best lap blankets for elderly seniors? You’ve come to the right place!

As we age, our bodies often become more sensitive to temperature changes. Lap blankets (along with other warming aids like cozy socks or senior-friendly slippers) are great for helping to keep an elder cozy and warm.

In this article, we’ll review some of our top picks when it comes to the best lap blankets for elderly individuals, as well as discuss some important factors you should consider when shopping for a lap blanket for seniors.

The Best Lap Blankets for Elderly Seniors: Our Favorites

1. Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket

Best Lap Blanket For Seniors
Amazon Basics - Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Throw Blanket, Throw, Grey

Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Blanket

Double-sided blanket that’s ultra cozy and available in several sizes

The Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Sherpa lap blanket is perfect for seniors who are looking for a lightweight, yet warm blanket that is affordable for any budget. This lap blanket is double-sided, with ultra-cozy polyester sherpa on one side and soft and sleek micromink on the opposite side. It’s also wrinkle-resistant and machine washable lap blanket, making it easy to clean and maintain.

In addition to a standard throw size, this blanket also comes in twin, queen, and and king sizes too! Plus, this ultra-soft throw comes in dozens of color and patterns so that a senior can find a style that matches their personality!

Dimensions: 14.6″L x 11.4″W


  • Super cozy double-sided blanket with sherpa on one side and micromink on the other
  • Affordable
  • Comes in several sizes


  • None we can think of

2. iHealthComfort Small Throw Blanket for Couch

Best Lap Blanket with Hand Warmer
iHealthComfort Small Lap Blanket,Soft Cozy Blanket for Knees,Wrap Shawl for Back and Shoulders,Wheelchair Outdoor Blanket(43 * 28inches)

iHealthComfort Small Throw Blanket

Sherpa fabric lap blanket with a built-in hand warmer

If a senior is looking for a lap blanket that pulls double-duty with a built-in hand warmer, this is a great pick! The iHealthComfort Blanket is made of soft, luxurious sherpa fabric, which makes it soft to the touch and warm to keep seniors cozy on cold days.

It also has a built-in pocket that’s perfect for tucking in hands or holding a TV remote control. Some seniors even use this blanket in the car!

This senior lap blanket also includes snaps on the four corners of the blanket, allowing it to wrap securely around your shoulders if you’d prefer. We also love that this lap blanket is machine-washable and dryer-safe, making it easy to keep clean.

In addition to the classic white and black colors, it comes in red with black trim too!

Dimensions: 28″L x 39″W


  • Soft sherpa material
  • Snaps to use around the shoulders
  • Built-in hand warming pocket
  • Machine-washable and safe for the dryer


  • Some may consider this blanket on the smaller side

3. DII Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Diamond Blanket Throw with Fringe

Most Elegant-Looking Lap Blanket
DII Rustic Farmhouse Double Diamond Woven Throw, 50x60, Stone

DII Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Diamond Blanket

Cotton blanket with traditional design and fringe

The DII Rustic Farmhouse Blanket with Fringe is a beautiful lap blanket perfect for elderly individuals looking for a more timeless design. This lap blanket is made of 100% cotton and features a diamond pattern with fringe on two sides.

With a chic rustic and stylish look, this blanket can easily be tossed over a chair or couch when it’s not being used to add a design statement to a senior’s home.

Measuring in at 50′ x 60″, it’s larger than other blankets featured here and includes a slightly heavier weight that some seniors might prefer. The DII Rustic Farmhouse Blanket is also machine-washable and dryer-safe, making it easy to care for. It also comes in a range of colors to match any home’s décor.

Dimensions: 60″L x 50″W


  • Machine-washable and dryer safe
  • Made of cotton materials
  • Classic rustic look, with side fringe included


  • Not as plush and cozy as sherpa-style blankets

4. Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throw

Best Colorful Lap Blanket
UKELER Boho Sherpa Throw 60'' x 50''- Bohemian Soft Plush Flannel Throw Blankets for Bed/Couch/Sofa/Office/Camping

Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throw

A cozy, double-sided blanket with bright colors and patterns

The Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throw is a great lap blanket for elderly users who want soft, fluffy blanket that still boasts fun and colorful patterns. Double-sided, this blanket is made of soft sherpa material on one side and microfiber velvet on the other side, providing comfort and warmth for seniors who get cold easily.

It should be noted that this blanket needs to be hand-washed or washed in a washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle, and it can’t be put in the dryer, so it might not be the best option for those who are less mobile or have difficulty with manual tasks.

Additionally, at only 50″ x 60″, this lap blanket may be too oversized for some seniors who want a lap blanket that doesn’t drag on the ground.

However, if you are looking for a cozy, larger-sized blanket, this one comes in tons of patterns, and the stylish bohemian designs will add personality to any living space!


  • Unique, funky patterns
  • Double-sided with sherpa and microfiber velvet side


  • Machine washable, but can’t be put in the dryer

5. Green Orange Fleece Blanket

Best Luxury Lap Blanket
GREEN ORANGE 50' x 60' Fleece Throw Blanket, Black & White Striped Color, Perfect Cozy Gift, Super Warm Comfy - ECO-Certified, Hypoallergenic - Soft, Lightweight Plush Throw for Women, Men & Kids

Green Orange Fleece Blanket

Elegant and cozy blanket with anti-pilling features

This Green Orange Fleece Blanket is perfect for those who are looking for a bit of luxury. Made with microfiber polyester fleece, it’s soft to the touch and very warm.

This lap blanket also utilizes a unique shedding technique that makes it resistant to pilling, which is a big boon for seniors don’t want to worry about keeping their blankets looking great.

The blanket’s ribbed design gives it a unique, elegant look while still staying super soft, and it also comes in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect one to match your decor.

Dimensions: 60″L x 50″W


  • Not listed as machine washable (but users report it holds up fine in the wash)
  • Anti-pilling design


  • None we can think of

6. Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Best Heated Lap Blanket

Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Heated lap blanket for seniors who are always cold

Do you or an older loved one live in a colder climate? This heated blanket may be just the thing to keep a senior warm on the coldest winter nights. This heated lap blanket is made of a soft, cozy flannel fabric with six different heat settings to choose from, heating between 75℉-115℉.

It also comes with an auto-off feature for safety, turning off the heat automatically after three hours of use (if you’re still using it, just switch it back on)! The simple single-button design with the heat level illuminated on the control screen makes this remote easy for seniors to use, even if they have hand mobility issues.

The heating elements are evenly distributed throughout the blanket, so no matter what part of the blanket you’re nestled under, you’ll feel nice and cozy.

This electric blanket can be washed on a gentle cycle, but you’ll need to remove the plug and controllers before putting in the washing machine.

Dimensions: 60″L x 50″W


  • Heated blankets offers extra warmth and coziness in the winter
  • Includes auto shut-off


  • Needs to be plugged in for heating element to work
  • May be a pain to prepare for washing

7. RelaxEden Weighted Blanket

Best Weighted Lap Blanket
RelaxEden® Adult Weighted Blanket W/Removable, Washable Duvet Cover| 15 lbs, 60”x 80” Size| Heavy Glass Micro-Beads| Supreme Sleeping Comfort for Adults| Hot & Cold Sleeping| 100% Soft Cotton Build

RelaxEden Weighted Blanket

This weighted lap blanket offers cozy comfort while reducing stress

The RelaxEden weighted blanket is perfect for those seniors who are looking for a lap blanket that is not only soft and comfortable, but also provides a sense of weight and warmth.

Weighted blankets are reported to help reduce stress and anxiety, putting elderly individuals prone to nervousness more at-ease due to the therapeutic use of light pressure.

This blanket comes in several weights, from 5-10lbs. We’d suggest the 5lb or 10lb option for a senior’s first weighted blanket. It’s important to strike a balance between gentle, compressing pressure without making a senior feel trapped or worried about pulling the blanket off when they don’t need it anymore. Most seniors should have no problem with a 5lb blanket!

The RelaxEden weighted blanket is made from cotton and polyester and is filled with non-toxic glass bleeds. It’s also hypoallergenic and the cover can easily be removed for washing.

Many seniors like to use this blanket for sleeping at night too, as the distributed pressure helps some individuals sleep more soundly.

Dimensions: 48″L x 36″W


  • Weighted blanket’s pressure can help relieve stress and promote better sleep


  • Smaller than other blankets, especially for using in bed
  • Most lighter-weight weighted blankets are marketed towards kids, so be careful if a senior is sensitive to this

8. The Snuggie Blanket

Best Wearable Blanket
Snuggie Sherpa - The Original As Seen on TV Wearable Blanket That Has Sleeves - Cozy, Warm and Soft Oversized Functional Blanket with Pockets, Adult Size, Dusty Blue

Snuggie Blanket

A convenient, full-body blanket that keeps your whole body warm

Another popular lap blanket option is the Snuggie. The Snuggie has been around for many years and the newer version even includes a sherpa lining that seniors tend to adore.

As a wearable blanket, the Snuggie is perfect for seniors who like to move around a bit while they’re seated. This version even includes a kangaroo-style pocket for keeping hands warm!

Measuring in at 71” x 54”, it’s plenty long enough to wrap around your legs and feet.

The Snuggie is also available in many different colors and styles, so finding one that will suit a senior’s personality should be easy. It’s machine-washable too!

The downside to the Snuggie is that it can be quite bulky and some seniors find it difficult to maneuver around in.


  • Wearable blanket that’s easy to move around in
  • Tons of fun colors to choose from
  • Kangaroo pocket built-in


  • Some may find it too bulky

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Lap Blanket for a Senior

When choosing the best lap blanket for elderly individuals, you’ll want to keep some of these key criteria in mind:

  • Texture and Feel. Many seniors tend to favor a blanket with ultra soft touch and feel. Elderly individuals can at times be greatly soothed by the sensation of soft, comforting materials against the skin. For those with sensation sensitivity, we recommend sherpa-style fabrics that feel incredibly cozy against the skin!
  • Weight. A lap blanket should ideally be lightweight so as not to cause undue stress on the lap or legs of the senior. That being said, weighted blankets can be very soothing and anxiety-reducing for certain seniors, so long as the blanket isn’t so heavy that it can’t be removed easily.
  • Warmth. It is important to consider how warm the lap blanket will be, especially if your elderly loved one lives in a colder climate. Seniors often feel colder as they age due to issues like poor circulation or medication side effects. Some lap blankets even feature heating elements for additional warmth.
  • Style. While lap blankets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, some seniors prefer more subdued styles while others enjoy brighter, more eye-catching designs. Consider your elderly loved one’s personal preferences when choosing a lap blanket.
  • Size. Lap blankets come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. Consider how a senior plans on using the lap blanket – will it be on the user’s lap as they sit in a wheelchair? Or will it double as a bed blanket in cooler temps? You’ll want to choose a size that is plenty large without being so big that it gets in the way of a senior’s activities (especially if the user is in a wheelchair – you don’t want a blanket getting stuck in the wheels)
  • Washing Instructions. Most lap blankets are machine washable, but it’s always important to check the care label before purchasing. Some lap blankets can be run in the washer or dryer, but only on cold water or low heat settings, while others need to be hand-washed and line dried.
  • Pockets. Some lap blankets come with pockets, which can be handy for seniors who frequently suffer from cold hands.

We hope this article has helped you in your search for the perfect lap blanket for a senior in your life! With so many options on the market, it’s important to keep in mind the specific needs and preferences of your elderly loved one.

Consider weight, material, feel, warmth, and style when making your selection. And don’t forget to check the care label before purchasing – you’ll want to make sure the lap blanket is easy to care for!

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