Best Socks for Seniors: Sturdy, Comfortable Socks for the Elderly!

As individuals get older, their feet change and the socks seniors prefer may need to change as well.

Many seniors will want soft, comfortable socks that offer extra traction over a standard sock, in order to reduce one’s chance of slipping and falling.

The elderly should look for socks that have a good grip around the toes, have anti-slip traction, and opt for socks with reinforced cushioning to provide proper support.

In this article, we’ll break down what type of socks seniors should look for, and discuss why the elderly usually have more specific sock requirements.

Why Do Seniors Need Special Socks?

Older people have more sensitive skin than younger folks, which is why the standard socks they’ve worn in the past may no longer be up to snuff.

Seniors are more prone to developing circulation issues and dry skin as they age, which can make it necessary for them to wear socks with added cushioning and increased thickness.

Many people don’t realize that problems with circulation can also contribute to foot ulcers and wounds, which are some of the most common complications for elderly seniors.

fuzzy socks

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Senior-Friendly Sock

Seniors should look for:

  • Anti-Slip Traction. Traction padding on the bottom of the socks can prevent a senior’s feet from slipping on the floor, reducing the risk of falls that can result in injury.
  • Extra-Thick Socks. Some seniors will want to consider purchasing extra-thick socks, which will provide more cushioning, warmth, and reduce foot pain as a result.
  • Extra-Long Socks. While they won’t be appropriate for all footwear, many seniors prefer longer socks to reduce any chance of their bare skin chafing against the shoes.
  • Breathable Fabrics. Seniors with sensitive skin will want socks made of breathable fabrics, which can reduce irritation and prevent rashes by ensuring that moisture is not trapped within the sock. Many modern socks have moisture-wicking technology, which will draw moisture away from the feet to reduce sweat and odor.
  • Easy to Put On (And Pull Off). Seniors with limited mobility may prefer socks that are easy to put on, so look for socks that won’t easily tangle or bunch up when putting them on. If a senior is really struggling to put socks on, a sock assist aid may be a helpful option to consider!
  • Non-Binding Cuff. Seniors often prefer socks with wide, non-binding cuffs, which won’t rub against the ankles and cause discomfort.
  • Seamless Toe. Avoid socks with seams around the toes, which can generate discomfort and even blisters.

Best Socks for Elderly Seniors: Reviews

1. STOPSOCKS Athletic Non Slip Non Skid Socks

About: Stopsocks are stylish, stretchy compression socks that focus on reducing slippage through rubber traction patterns on the soles. The compression design allows for reducing lactic acid build-up and encouraging oxygen circulation.

Best Compression Socks
STOPSOCKS Non Slip Compression Socks with Grips for Men & Women, Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins, Travel, Pregnancy, Shin Splints

STOPSOCKS Athletic Non-Slip Socks

Stretchy compression socks with non-slip traction

2. Noble Health Care Diabetic Non-Skid Hospital Slipper Socks

About: These comfy medical socks are designed specifically for those who suffer from circulation problems like diabetics or edema. They’re also great for those who want to alleviate swelling in their feet.

Best Diabetic Socks
Noble Health Care Diabetic Non Skid Hospital Slipper Socks (Size 9-11 Color Black, 6 Pack)

Noble Health Diabetic Hospital Slipper Socks

Comfy, elastic-free socks with sole treads

These socks are designed to fit comfortably, staying snug without being constricting. They feature no elastic, so they won’t cut off the blood flow to your legs. These gentle, non-binding socks also include grip tread bottoms to prevent sliding.

Best of all, these socks come in a pack of six, so you don’t need to worry about losing a pair! They also come in grey, black, or white color options.

3. Pembrook Non-Skid Fuzzy Slipper Gripper Socks

These fuzzy slipper socks are designed for comfort and warmth while providing gentle compression. These socks are ultra-soft and cozy and are perfect for wearing around the house on chilly days.

In fact, some seniors note that these socks are nearly as comfortable as their favorite house slippers.

Fuzziest Socks
Pembrook Non Skid / Slip Socks – Hospital Socks - Fuzzy Slipper Gripper Socks

Pembrook Non-Skid Fuzzy Slipper Gripper Socks

Ultra-fuzzy fleece-style socks that come in several colors

These socks have a stretchy design that allows them to fit a variety of feet sizes. They also boast a traction grip on the bottom to keep seniors secure and their feet on the floor.

Plus, these socks also feature a non-binding cuff that won’t irritate sensitive skin or rub against the ankle like traditional socks can.

These fuzzy socks come in several color options (black, gray, navy blue, purple, pink) and various pack sizes (2, 4, and 6 packs).

4. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s American Lifestyle Soothing Spa Low Cut Socks

Dr. Scholl’s American Lifestyle Soothing Spa Low Cut Women’s Socks are made with luxurious, ultra-fuzzy premium yarn for a super comfortable feel.

Best Soothing Socks
Dr. Scholl's Women's 2 Pack Soothing Spa Low Cut Lavender + Vitamin E Socks with Silicone Treads, Peach, Burgundy, Gray, Black, Shoe Size: 4-10

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Soothing Spa Socks

Soft spa-style socks with no cuffs or tight binding

Despite being soft, these socks will stay on a senior’s feet due to the stay-put grippers at the soles.

The socks don’t have a binding cuff and rely instead on a low-cut style with a pull-on design that is easy for any level of mobility.

Fans love to put moisturizer on their feet and then sleep these socks on for a spa-like experience!

5. Buster Brown 100% Cotton Socks

Buster Brown socks feature a classic sock design many seniors will be familiar with. They’re made of 100% cotton and are elastic-free. Seniors won’t have to worry about the socks slipping down, as the ribbed top keeps socks from sagging so that they stay in place.

Best Any-Occassion Sock
Buster Brown 100% Cotton Socks, Assorted 1, 10, 6-pk

Buster Brown Cotton Socks

Classic cotton sock that go with a variety of footwear

The socks are specifically designed with no sewing thread or elastic exposed so they won’t rub against their skin, plus they offer seamless toes.

These socks come in several colors: tan, white, and black. They can be ordered alone or in a 3-piece variety pack.

Compression Socks vs Normal Socks: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to great socks for elderly individuals, both compression socks and standard socks have their own advantages.

Compression socks put pressure onto your legs, allowing blood vessels to function better by increasing the volume and speed of your blood flow. As your blood flows more freely and effectively, muscles can relax more comfortably. The pressure provided by the compression socks also helps prevent blood from refluxing down towards a senior’s feet.

You’ll want to make sure compression stockings are fitting appropriately, as ill-fitting compression socks can cause discomfort or even nerve damage.

However, you likely won’t want to wear compression socks constantly. Traditional socks are fine for wearing out on the town, and of course, some of the more slipper-like socks detailed here are extra cozy and ideal for wearing at home while relaxing comfortably.

Have you or a senior loved one worn any of the socks detailed above? Or is there a different kind of sock that is a favorite? Let us know your top picks for the best elderly-friendly socks in the comments!

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