Best Washable Bed Pads for Incontinence

Washable bed pads are a cost-effective solution to incontinence, but there’s a lot to consider when choosing waterproof bed pads for adults.

Continue reading for our advice on what to look for in a disposable bed pad as well as the top picks for the best washable bed pads for incontinence.

Quick Picks: Best Washable Bed Pads for Incontinence

  •  Gorilla Grip Slip-Resistant Mattress Pad [Best Overall] This 4-layer washable bed pad includes a non-slip grip backing to keep the bed pads in place and is capable of holding up to 8 cups of liquid. Plus, these pads come in several sizes to accommodate a range of mattress sizes!
  • RMS Ultra Soft Bed Underpads [Best Washable Pad with Handles] The RMS underpads feature a polycotton and polyester quilted top, along with several conveniently placed handles that make it easier for a caregiver to remove and change bed pads without disrupting the sleeper too much. This is especially ideal for caregivers who find themselves changing bed pads regularly.
  • Dry Defender Mattress Sheet Protector [Best Tuck-In Pad Design] The Dry Defender bed pad features unique tuck-in tails that keep the pad from moving around due to a restless sleeper. The flaps tuck under the mattress to stay secure.

Washable vs. Disposable Bed Pads

There are two types of bed pads—washable and disposable. Some people prefer to use washable or reusable bed pads either to save money or to limit waste from multiple uses.

Others prefer disposable bed pads, also known as chux pads, because they require less maintenance and are more convenient. 

If you are considering using disposable bed pads, read our article on the Best Disposable Bed Pads for Incontinence.

This article will primarily focus on washable, reusable bed pads.

What Makes a Good Washable Bed Pad

Find The Perfect Size

The ideal size of a reusable bed pad will vary between individuals. When making your choice, consider the size of the user, how much you or the person in your care moves around in the night, and the size of the bed.

Typically, the larger a bed pad is, the more coverage it will provide. When choosing waterproof bed pads for elderly or other adults, consider a larger bed pad that can cover a good portion of the bed or the entire bed for total mattress coverage.  

Solid Absorption

How quickly and effectively a reusable bed pad can absorb liquid is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting an underpad. Read the product descriptions and packaging carefully, as most bed pads will say how much liquid one bed pad can absorb in milliliters or ounces.

Generally, extra absorbency comes at a higher cost. Consider your needs or the needs of the person in your care, because you don’t want to skimp on absorbency if you need it. However, if the bed pad is simply being used to provide a bit of extra protection against spills when moving a bedpan, absorbency may not be so important.


Durability is of critical importance for reusable bed pads because they need to be able to withstand frequent cycles in the washer and dryer. Many brands will give an approximate number of washes the bed pad is good for as long as you follow the washing instructions.


Slip-resistance is very important for underpads since they can’t be effective at all if they are out of place. Look for a bed pad that stays put overnight, especially for restless sleepers.

Some washable bed pads come with tuck-in flaps that you can tuck under the mattress to keep it in place. Others have an underlayer made from a material designed to grip the fabric beneath it. 


Compared to disposable bed pads, the cost of washable underpads should be less of a consideration. You will be able to reuse your bed pad over and over again, so shop for quality and the features that suit your specific needs before thinking about the price. 

Best Washable Bed Pads Available Online

GORILLA GRIP Slip-Resistant Leak Proof Mattress Pad

Best Grip Washable Bed Pad

Gorilla Grip Washable Toddler Mattress Incontinence Pads, Reusable Waterproof Bed Underpads, Absorbent Leak Proof, 52x34 Slip Resistant Pad Protector Absorbs 8 Cups for Bedwetting, Adults, Kids, White
  • LEAK PROOF PROTECTION: 1 pack; our pad can hold up to 8 cups of liquid, much more than others; moisture is quickly absorbed into the pad and then dispersed throughout, helping to prevent leakage; also...
  • SLIP RESISTANT BACKING: featuring our exclusive non skid and non adhesive backing, the pad is designed to stay in place overnight; no more uncomfortable adjusting, even for the most active sleepers
  • BETTER CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME: save money with our reusable pad that has been tested up to 300 washes; no more expensive and wasteful disposable pads; rest assured, our pads have been given the...
  • THICK QUILTED COTTON TOP LAYER: the unique 4 layer design is complete with a super soft quilted top that feels great; soft and comfortable; pad is not bulky or too thick, so it cannot be felt while...

About: The GORILLA GRIP Slip-Resistant Leak Proof Mattress Pad offers a 4-layer design, including a soft cotton blend quilted top layer, leak-proof inner layers, and an exclusive Gorilla Grip non-skid backing. The Gorilla Grip is non-adhesive, so it won’t wear down your sheets while holding the bed pad in place.

These washable underpads hold 8 cups (or nearly 2000 ml) of liquid. They are tested for harmful substances and are certified free from chemicals. They are also BPA and lead-free. As the cherry on top, Gorilla Grip promises to maintain absorbency for up to 300 washes. 


  • 21 x 21 inches
  • 34 x 36 inches
  • 36 x 32 inches
  • 52 x 34 inches
  • 52 x 44 inches
  • 76 x 34 inches

What Users Say: Customers put this washable bed pad to the test, pouring 8 cups of water on it without any leaks. Generally, users praise the product’s durability and the fact that the company proudly offers a 10-year no questions asked guarantee. 

RMS Ultra Soft 4-Layer Washable Incontinence Bed Underpads

Best Washable Bed Pad With Handles

RMS Ultra Soft 4-Layer Washable and Reusable Incontinence Bed Pad - Waterproof Bed Pads with 4 Convenient Handles to Assist in Home Health Care, 34X54 Inch
  • Note: Unique Style - This Pad comes with 4 Handles. 2 on each side to assist in home health care
  • 4 layers of protection: Deluxe blended fabric and premium brushed polyester quilted top, soft polyester fiberfill layer, Absorbent inner layer, and Non-slip latex-free waterproof barrier
  • 4 convenient Handles to aid in home health care needs. Goes ver the bottom sheet to protect mattress and sheets from moisture and staining
  • Oversized at 54" long to provide maximum protection. Absorbs quickly and locks in moisture for the best in skin care

About: The RMS Ultra Soft 4-Layer Washable Incontinence Bed Underpads offer four layers of waterproof protection. They are made with a polycotton and premium brushed polyester quilted top for a comfortable sleep, and the fabric wicks away moisture to minimize skin irritation.

The bed pad offers 4 convenient handles to aid in home health care needs. The handles help caregivers remove and change the bed pad in the middle of the night or while someone is still on it.


  • 34 x 36 inches
  • 34 x 54 inches

RMS also offers a much larger 72″ L X 34″ W washable pad, though this size does not come with handles.

What Users Say: Customers found this bed pad actually is ultra-soft as the name claims. Users report no crinkling, no sweating, and no shifting of the pad for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Brosive Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads

Best Inexpensive Washable Bed Pad

Brosive Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads Washable Incontinence Underpads 10 Cups Absorbency, Mattress Protector for Adults, Kids and Pets(34”X 52” inch)
  • ✔ Multipurpose: This waterproof pad is perfect for children, elderly or postpartum pregnant. Use it when potty training, for child bed wetting or as an incontinence aid for adults. In addition to,...
  • ✔ Absorbant: Four layers protection, up to 10 cups of protection ensure your bed remains completely dry when accidents occur. Moisture is quickly absorbed into the pad and dispersed to protect your...
  • ✔ Durable and Size: The size 34" x 52" inch is the perfect size for various uses and helps to provide maximum coverage whether in bed, the couch or even on the go!Double-layer waterproof membrane...
  • ✔ No Shifting or Bunching: The underpad design allows it to lie flat with no bunching;No matter how much you toss and turn during sleep, the Brosive underpad stays put;Do not worry your mattress...

About: Brosive Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads quickly absorb moisture to protect your sheet, mattress, and body from any liquid.

These washable bed mats pull moisture away from the surface and trap it in the inner layer so that your skin and every part of the bed stays dry. The quilted design also prevents the edges from curling, making it more likely to stay in place and look discreet.

These pads hold up to 8 cups (or nearly 2000 ml) of liquid, and the company guarantees absorbency for up to 350+ washes.

Brosive reusable bed pads are available in six sizes ranging from 28 x 20 inches to 36 x 72 inches.


  • 28 x 20 inches
  • 28 x 36 inches
  • 30 x 36 inches
  • 34 x 36 inches
  • 34 x 52 inches
  • 36 x 72 inches

What Users Say: Customers were happy with the product’s ability to hold liquid, but some users found the bed pad lacked any grip to hold it in place for people who move around a lot in the night. 

Dry Defender Washable Waterproof Mattress Sheet Protector

Best Tuck-in Washable Bed Pad

Dry Defender Incontinence Bed Pads Washable, 34' x 52' Tuck Washable Underpads, Absorbent Waterproof Mattress Pads for Bed, Reusable Incontinence Pads for Kids & Adult Underpads, Bedwetting, Pack of 1
646 Reviews
Dry Defender Incontinence Bed Pads Washable, 34" x 52" Tuck Washable Underpads, Absorbent Waterproof Mattress Pads for Bed, Reusable Incontinence Pads for Kids & Adult Underpads, Bedwetting, Pack of 1
  • KEEPS YOUR MATTRESS DRY - Our sheet protectors are made up of 4 strong and absorbent layers of protection, keeping your bed and sheets dry and protected- stay comfortable and rest easy knowing your...
  • SELF DRYING 4-LAYER CONSTRUCTION - Our mattress pads for incontience feature a soft and comfortable quilted cotton/polyester top layer, a plush, soft polyester fiberfill layer, an ultra absorbent high...
  • THE RIGHT SIZE FOR YOU - Available in a range of sizes to best suit your needs, Dry Defender's washable underpads provide maximum protection. No matter what age, our reusable bed pad waterproof...
  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - By quickly and efficiently absorbing liquids, like urine, Dry Defender's washable waterproof bed pads protect against discomfort, rashes, or other irritation that night...

About: The Dry Defender Washable Waterproof Mattress Sheet Protector comes with a solution for keeping the bed pad in place. The reusable bed wet protector has tuck-in tails that keep it from moving around under a restless sleeper. The flaps tuck under the mattress, so there’s no worry about movement.

The product stays soft and remains leak-proof after hundreds of washing and drying cycles. These Dry Defender bed pads hold up to 6 cups (or nearly 1500 ml) of fluid, which is a bit less than other brands, but depending on the person, it may be more than enough coverage for overnight. 

What Users Say: Customers picked this product because it stays in place due to the tuck-in tails. Most people found these to be very effective at keeping the bed pad in place, but after some use, some people reported wear on the seams of the tuck-in flaps.

Epica Premium Quality Bed Pad

Best Value Washable Bed Pad

Epica Premium Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector Bed Pad, Under-pad, Quilted, Waterproof, and Washable, 34' x 52' for Children or Adults with Incontinence (1-Pack)
17,693 Reviews
Epica Premium Ultra Plus Waterproof Sheet Protector Bed Pad, Under-pad, Quilted, Waterproof, and Washable, 34" x 52" for Children or Adults with Incontinence (1-Pack)
  • Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pads: Stay worry-free and confident with our premium quality bed pads that offer reliable and waterproof protection against leaks and spills. Designed for adults, babies,...
  • Washable & Reusable: Embrace an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution with our waterproof bed pads. Simply toss them in the washing machine, and they are ready to be used again, reducing waste and...
  • Multi-Use: Our bed pads washable waterproof material are incredibly versatile, serving multiple purposes in your home. They are an excellent choice for adults dealing with incontinence, providing...
  • Maximum Comfort: Experience exceptional comfort with the soft and skin-friendly surface of our pee pads for adult. The plush top layer ensures a cozy experience while maintaining superior absorbency...

About: Epica’s Premium Quality Bed Pad draws moisture away from your skin and keeps it away to help you have a comfortable sleep. It’s made from a 50/50 polyester and cotton blend, so it won’t shrink in size after each wash. The 3-layer fabric is soft against the skin, and the bed pad is backed with a polyester vinyl underbelly that doesn’t crinkle with nighttime movement.

If you’re looking for an American-made product, as an added bonus, Epica is a small business located in NYC.


  • 34 x 52 inches

What Users Say: Customers say they can’t beat the price for the quality, but many worn that proper washing instructions be followed to ensure longevity.

Choosing the best washable bed pads for incontinence comes down to quality, as well as personal preference. Consider absorption, grip, and durability when choosing the reusable underpads that are best for your specific needs.

Washable Pet Bads for Incontinent Adults FAQs

Does Medicare pay for adult incontinence supplies?

Medicare is the United States federally run health insurance program for American citizens and permanent legal residents who are 65 years or older or under 65 and living with a disability.

Medicare does not typically cover incontinence supplies like diapers, washable bed pads, or liners. However, check your state’s specific Medicare guidelines to be sure.

Does Medicaid pay for adult incontinence supplies?

Medicaid is a state-run insurance option for low-income adults, senior citizens, children, and people living with disabilities.

Since Medicaid is state-run, each Medicaid program will have different requirements and benefits from state to state.

Most states will cover adult diapers for seniors, but states vary quite a bit when it comes to covering washable bed pads, bed pans, etc. Check with your specific state’s Medicaid guidelines for more details.

What washable bed pads do you use? How does that product meet your specific needs? Share your experiences in the comments.

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