Best Disposable Bed Pads for Incontinence

Disposable bed pads are convenient solutions for incontinence, but not all bed pads are made alike. From absorbance to size to price, there’s a lot to consider when choosing disposable underpads for adults.

Continue reading to find out what to look for in a disposable bed pad as well as our top picks for the best disposable bed pads for incontinence!

Quick Picks: Best Disposable Bed Pads for Incontinence

  •  Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpads [Largest Bed Pads] Measuring in at 36″ x 36″, these bed pads are the largest out there, suitable for even XL beds and capable of more area protection. These pads are quilted with odor-controlling polymer and fluff core for improved absorbency..
  • Brosive Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads [Most Comfortable Bed Pads] Brosive disposable bed pads are filled with soft fluff for an individual’s comfort, and contain no irritating chemicals, dyes, or salts to prevent skin irritation. However, their absorbency is less than some other bed pads.
  • NorthShore Peach Super-Absorbent Chux [Most Absorbent Bed Pads] A popular favorite, NorthShore Peach Chux are comfortable as well as highly-absorbent, boasting 65oz (or approximately 2000 ml) of liquid capacity – more than the average bed pad. They come in several sizing options to fit a variety of beds.
  • Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads [Hospital-Grade Bed Pads] Medokare bed pads are hospital grade, capable of absorbing up to 1500ml of liquid while still keeping the sleeper comfortable.

Disposable vs. Washable Bed Pads

There are two kinds of bed pads—disposable and washable. Some people prefer the disposable bed pads, also known as chux pads, since there’s a lot less maintenance involved and they’re much more convenient.

Others prefer to use washable or reusable bed pads to save money or limit their environmental impact. Most washable bed pads can withstand at least 100 washes without losing their effectiveness.  

If you are considering using reusable bed pads, read our article on the Best Washable Bed Pads for Incontinence.

What Makes a Good Disposable Bed Pad

Size Of Bed Pad

The optimal size of a disposable bed pad will vary depending on your needs. Consider the size of your bed, the size of the user, as well as how much you or the person you care for moves around in the night.

In general, a larger size will give you more coverage than a smaller bed pad. For disposable bed pads for elderly or other adults, look for a bed pad that’s at least 36 x 23 inches (or 90 x 60 cm).

Absorption Capability

The absorption capability is one of the key things to look for in disposable underpads for adults. Many bed pads will tell you in their product descriptions how much liquid a single bed pad can absorb in milliliters or ounces.

Carefully consider your own needs or the needs of the person you are caring for since added absorbency usually comes at a higher price tag.

If the elderly individual frequently has incontinence issues, you’ll want to choose a high-absorbency option. However, if you’re just using a bed pan to avoid occasional drips and spills when removing a bed pan or adult urinal or when moving from a bedside commode back to the bed, absorbency may not be such an important consideration.

Backing Sheet Material

The material of the backing sheet is another important consideration. Some of the most absorbent bed pads have a plastic backsheet, and these can hold the most liquid. However, these bed pads may not be as comfortable and cool to lie on top of at night as other breathable chux bed pads. 

It comes down to personal needs and preferences. Do you or someone you care for require a bed pad that’s highly absorbent even if it’s not very breathable? Or do you need a bed pad that’s only moderately absorbent, but better for skin and sleep comfort? 


Slip-resistance is an important quality in an underpad, as an out-of-place bed pad defeats the purpose of having a bed pad at all. Look for a bed pad that will stay in place, especially for restless sleepers.

You can look for disposable bed pads with adhesive, but many product reviews are mixed on this quality, with some saying the bed pad stayed in place perfectly, while others say it moved around too much. This variation in opinion is likely due to the other fabrics on the bed, as well as the type of movement that occurs overnight.

For best results, test out a few different quality bed pads to find out which ones will stay in place best for you.


Using disposable bed mats can get quite expensive because you continually need to purchase more. Price should be considered when deciding which bed pad is right for you, but it should not be the main deciding factor, especially for overnight bed wetting.

Depending on your specific needs, consider quality over a lower price tag.

Best Disposable Bed Pads Available Online

Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpads

Best Value Disposable Bed Mats

Medline Incontinence Bed Pads 36 x 36 Inches (Pack of 50), Super Absorbent Extra Large Disposable Underpads for Surface Protection, Thick Quilted Chucks Pee Pads for Adults, Kids and Babies, Green
  • DISPOSABLE incontinence underpads (also referred to as Chux or Chucks) provide simplicity, comfort and confidence for protecting bedding, furniture & floors. No cleaning required – simply swap out...
  • DURABLE, proven bed pads won't tear, rip or disintegrate. Plus, the soft-quilted top sheet is gentle enough for sensitive skin with an ultra-absorbent core that locks in moisture and odor to provide a...
  • 36"X36" pee pads with a special backing that keeps them in place are large enough to be used as a bed pad or on couches, wheelchairs and car seats, plus they're pre-folded for taking on-the-go.
  • CONVENIENT for adults experiencing bladder leaks and for caregivers helping patients. Choose Subscribe & Save for automatic, regular deliveries in discreet packaging, including 50 underpads per case.

About: The Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpad is larger than many of the other bed pads on the market at 36 x 36 inches (or 90 x 90 cm), making them extra large bed pads.

Many other brands only come in a maximum size of approximately 36 x 23 inches (or 90 x 60 cm). Since they come in a pack, they work out to roughly $0.70 per bed pad, making them an inexpensive option for the quality and size.

The Medline Absorbency Underpad has an ultra-soft diamond quilted texture, odor-controlling polymer, and fluff core that provide heavy absorbency. The soft top layer wicks away fluid while the leak-resistant backsheet protects surfaces.  

What Users Say: Customers were happy with the value they received for such extra-large bed pads. Users were pleased with the convenient packaging too. The bed pads come in a box of 50, with every 5 separated in a clear plastic pouch, which makes them easy to travel with. 

2. Brosive Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

Best Comfortable Disposable Bed Pad

About: Brosive Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads soak up to 1200ml – 1500ml of liquid per bed mat, and their Super Absorbing System keeps liquid away from the skin.

The bed pads are filled with soft fluff for optimal comfort, and they contain no irritating chemicals, dyes, or salts to prevent itching or irritated skin.

The large package works out to roughly $0.80 cents per 36 x 23 inch (or 90 x 60 cm) bed pad. Available in packages of 30, 35, or 40.


  • 18 x 24 inches
  • 32 x 36 inches
  • 35.4 x 23.6 inches

What Users Say: Customers praise the absorbency of the Brosive Disposable Bed Pads, saying that other brands simply don’t soak up as much. Some customers said the bed pads did not stay in place, but others who do not tend to move around in the night didn’t have any issues with placement. 

3. Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

Best Hospital Grade Disposable Bed Pad

Medokare Disposable Bed Pads, 36-Pack, 36x24 for Adults, Elderly & Kids
  • LARGE PROTECTION: Accidents happen - and with our incontinence bed pads, you'll contain the mess and neutralize any smells. Moisture and odor are locked in while your mattress stays dry.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: The 4 layers of these heavy duty underpads work to keep your sheets dry all night. Don't worry - our waterproof incontinence pads can soak up to 1500 ml of water.
  • WATER-RESISTANT: No need to worry about constantly cleaning your mattress. Our disposable bed pads for incontinence act as a water-resistant protector against any accidents or spills.
  • ADHESIVE STRIPS: Stay asleep and worry-free. These adult chuck pads have a non-slip backing to keep it in place, even if you toss and turn. From twin beds to king mattresses, our bed protector pads...

About: Medokare Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads are hospital grade incontinence pads, which makes them a premium product. They soak up to 1500ml of liquid per bed mat for quality leak-proof performance.

These bed pads have a soft top layer that wicks away fluid and a leak-resistant backsheet that protects surfaces. Made for hospitals, these bed pads neutralize odors, lock away wetness, and have slip-resistant backing as well as sticky corner tabs to help them stay in place.

The pricing for these bed pads is a bit higher, working out to about $.90 per pad.


  • 36 x 34 inches

What Users Say: Customers found these bed pads to be more durable than others on the market and said they would not break down despite the user moving around in the night. Other customers claim the sticky corner tabs didn’t do much to hold the bed pad in place. 

4. NorthShore Premium Peach Super-Absorbent Chux

Best Absorbent Disposable Bed Pad

About: NorthShore Peach Super-Absorbent Chux Underpads can hold 65oz (or approximately 2000 ml) of liquid, which means they can tackle any adult incontinence.

These bed pads are some of the most absorbent disposable 36 x 36 inch (or 90 x 90 cm) bed pads on the market. Despite great performance, these chux bed pads are on the pricier side, working out to roughly $1.20 per bed pad.

They have a quilt pattern that channels liquids to prevent unwanted pooling. The heavy-weight cotton fluff top layer, along with the super-absorbent polymers and polypropylene backing, help make this product extremely absorbent.

NorthShore offers a less expensive 36 x 23 inch blue bed pad that holds up to 25 ounces, which is approximately 750 ml. These bed pads are only about $.50 cents each, making them an inexpensive disposable solution for incontinence.

Beware that the lower amount of absorbency makes the cheaper option better suited to battle minor leaks rather than full-bladder bedwetting.

What Users Say: Customers praised the value of the NorthShore Peach Chux underpads for the price. The larger size allowed users to cover the full width of a queen-size mattress with two 36 x 36 inch bed pads. Some customers did express wishes that the underpads had some adhesive to stick the bed pad in place.

Choosing the best disposable bed pads for incontinence comes down to balancing a number of factors as well as personal preference. Because everyone has different needs, bed types, and ways of sleeping, you may need to test a few different brands to find the one that works best for you.

Purchase smaller packages at first while you test different brands. Once you find the right match for your needs, you can begin purchasing disposable bed pads in bulk with larger 100 count packages.

Bed pads protect one’s mattress while also working to reduce urine smells in an elderly home, as any drips or accidents can easily get absorbed by handy incontinence bed pads.

What disposable bed mats do you use? How does that product meet your specific needs? Share your experiences in the comments.

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