8 Best Wheelchair Threshold Ramps for Door Sills

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Threshold ramps are essential for ensuring that people who use wheelchairs and scooters can enter or leave buildings or navigate between rooms without issue. When doorways have a raised lip or jam, this can make crossing thresholds much more challenging and even dangerous for someone in a scooter or wheelchair.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of threshold ramps, why they’re important, and how to choose the right threshold ramp for your situation.

What Are Wheelchair Threshold Ramps Used For?

Threshold ramps are an essential item in the world of accessibility. Many mobile adults may take for granted the number of thresholds they cross in any given day. But, for an individual in a wheelchair, walker, or scooter, crossing a threshold can be anything but routine.

Many thresholds feature raised edges or changes in the floor surface’s elevation when moving from the outdoors to the indoors, or even just between rooms in a building.

Raised Doorway

A threshold ramp provides mobility access to these individuals, allowing them to easily move from between rooms and thresholds without struggling to force their wheelchair up a step or curb.

Some situations threshold ramps may be used for include:

  • To maneuver over doorframe sills
  • To rest against a door lip
  • To bridge the threshold over uneven surfaces

Unlike full-sized portable wheelchair ramps, threshold ramps can’t help a senior avoid full stairs. Instead, threshold ramps are designed just for small raised lip or threshold areas (usually indoors).

What Are Threshold Ramps Made Of?

Threshold ramps are typically are manufactured using one of several material options:

  • Rubber. Rubber threshold ramps are often used for small 1-2 inch thresholds to navigate over a short door jam lip.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum threshold ramps are ultra-sturdy and rust-proof. They’re most often used for navigating over outdoor thresholds or small stairs.
  • High-Density Foam. Foam threshold ramps are often used for getting over thresholds indoors. They’re usually lightweight, which makes them easy to move or put away as needed. However, they don’t usually offer the option to permanently nail or install them to the floor.

Threshold ramps are often used as freestanding portable ramps that can be used throughout a home and moved or stored away when not needed. However, there are also plenty of fixed threshold ramps that can be fastened to the floor to provide a more permanent option.

Fixed threshold ramps tend to be preferred for heavier wheelchairs or mobility scooters since they are more secure and have no chance of moving, although plenty of people find the freestanding threshold ramps to be just as stable.

Best Threshold Ramps for Wheelchairs and Scooters

1. PVI Threshold Ramp

Best for Small Thresholds
Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp, 10 x 32 Inch

PVI Threshold Ramp

Solid, durable ramp that’s great for small thresholds

About: The PVI Threshold Ramp provides an ideal 32-inch ramp for transitioning doorways and thresholds in commercial, institutional, and residential settings.

With a maximum 1/2″ – 3/4″ rise for occupied wheelchair or scooter passage, this threshold ramp is best suited for small thresholds.

The ramp is designed to be attached to the edge of the door threshold, and includes pre-punched holes in the top corners for easy installation, along with the hardware required to secure the ramp to the floor.

The ramp is made of a heavy-duty, lightweight, durable aluminum that features a high-traction, anti-slip surface that makes it easy for wheelchairs and scooters to roll over it. The grooved surface is also designed to expel water, keeping the threshold ramp dry and slip-proof.

It has a 600 lb weight capacity and 10”L x 32” W dimensions, with an item weight of 4lbs.

2. Versa Ramp

Best Foam Ramp
VersaRamp 6' High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, and Power Chairs by Silver Spring

VersaRamp 6″ Foam Threshold Ramp

Six-inch ramp that won’t scratch your floors

About: The VersaRamp is another great solution for navigating elevated entryways! This portable USA-made threshold ramp is designed for 6″ elevation to accommodate wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, rollators, and other types of mobility aids. 

The 6-inch threshold ramp is built with a high-density solid foam interior with a durable polyurethane coating that’s designed to not scratch or mar your flooring! It’s a bit heftier, weighing in at 7lbs, but this allows it to be even more durable, with a maximum load capacity of 800 lbs.

The high-traction coating and grey coloring looks sleeker than standard aluminum ramps, and it’s designed to be resistant to moisture, preventing rust and making this ramp suitable for indoor or outdoor use. This allows the VersRamp to function well as a semi-permanent threshold ramp for outdoor areas (such as a porch entryway) or indoors to navigate a step-down multi-level floor.

Despite all that, this wedge ramp still light enough that it should still be convenient enough to store under a bed, in a closet, or in the trunk of a car as is needed. 

This ramp is actually available in several sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect height based on the threshold you’re trying to fit for. This ramp comes ready-to-go, with no assembly required, making set up a breeze.

3. VersaRamp 1″ High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp

Best Wide Ramp
VersaRamp 1' High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, and Power Chairs by Silver Spring

VersaRamp 1″ High Lightweight Foam

1-Inch threshold ramp for wide spaces

About: A variation on the listing above, the VersaRamp 1-inch elevation model is perfect for wider thresholds. This 1-inch threshold ramp has a width of 36-inches, able to cover even wide doorways and thresholds between rooms.

Like the version detailed above, this high-density foam ramp too boasts a weight capacity of 800 lbs and a grooved surface.

Because this model is so lightweight (weighing only 1/2 lb), it’s an especially good option for those who will only occasionally or intermittently bring out the ramp when company is over, as it can then be easily be stored when it’s not needed.

4. EZ-Access Transitions Modular Aluminum Entry Ramp, 1″ Rise

Most Lightweight Camp
EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS 1 Inch Portable Self Supporting Aluminum Modular Entry Threshold Ramp Ideal for Doorways and Raised Landings

EZ-Access Transitions Modular Entry Ramp

Lightweight aluminum threshold ramp with anti-skid design

About: The EZ-ACCESS Transitions modular ramp is another great solution for doorways. Made of high strength, lightweight aluminum, this ramp is designed with interchangeable extensions to accommodate a range of threshold heights, ranging from .75″ to 1.25″.

The top of the ramp includes a pivoting flap for .25″ of additional adjustability, allowing you to get just the right lift to navigate most thresholds.

Plus, this metal threshold ramp has a grooved, slip-resistant surface to help wheelchairs and scooters glide over it with ease.

This ramp is available in several versions and sizes, allowing you to achieve a lift anywhere from 1-inch, all the way up to 6-inches with the larger model.

This 1-inch version measures in at 6.5″ x 34″ x 1”, weighs just 3lbs, and has a 700lb weight capacity.

The low profile of the ramp makes it easy to slide over outdoor thresholds or porch ramps, while the slip-resistant surface gives you confidence to navigate the ramp safely. Since it’s made of weather-hardy aluminum, it’ll work great for indoors as well as outdoors as a semi-permanent option.

5. Silver Spring 4″ High Rubber 3-Channel Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs

Best Rubber Ramp
Silver Spring 4' High Rubber 3-Channel Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, and Power Chairs, with Slip-Resistant Surface - DH-UP-84

Silver Spring’s Threshold Ramp

Durable 3″ rubber ramp that can withstand a variety of weather conditions

About: Silver Spring’s threshold ramps provide a safe transition for wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers or rollators to enter doorways, porches, or any elevated surface. 

This threshold ramp’s durable rubber construction and the slip-resistant textured surface provides excellent traction, making it ideal for use in all kinds of weather conditions, including rain, snow, and direct sunlight.

This threshold ramp is uniquely designed to intentionally offer three channels underneath, enabling you to run cables, wires, or cords underneath the ramp without issue.

This threshold ramp’s 3-inch rise (which is also available in 2.5″, 3″, or 4″ versions) accommodates a variety of door and entryway heights. This specific 3-inch version is 42-inches wide and is able to support up to 600 lbs.

6. Rampit USA ADA Compliant Rubber Threshold Ramp

Ramp with several width options
Rampit USA Empower Series Rubber Threshold Ramp (3/4') Black

Rampit Rubber Threshold Ramp

ADA-compliant ramp with several height and width options

About: Rampit Rubber Threshold Ramps offers another safe, secure, slip-resistant, threshold ramp that functions well for the indoors and outdoors – it’s even ADA compliant!.

The Rampit is made of 100% recycled rubber for a slightly more eco-friendly option. The ramp c.omes in several sizes with a 1-inch, 1.75-inch, and 2-inch version that’s available in a long, narrow version as well as a wider longer shaped model. The wider dimensions make this a potentially good threshold ramp for sliding glass doors in particular.

This rubber threshold ramp has an anti-slip surface for added safety and improved traction. It even comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty!

7. Ruedamann Wheelchair Bridge Ramp

Ramp With Bridge Design
Ruedamann 34.8' L x 2.6' H Wheelchair Ramp,600lbs Capacity,Bridge Threshold Ramp with Supporting Frame and Non-Slip Surface,Aluminum Ramp for Wheelchairs, Stairs,Vans, Steps

Ruedamann Wheelchair Bridge Ramp

Wide ramp that folds over the threshold to provide 3.5″ of height

About: The Ruedamann Bridge Model Threshold Ramp provides a slightly different design than other options listed here, relying on a bridge design. 

This 27.6-inch wide ramp has a raised frame in the middle that’s designed to sit over a raised threshold area with a 3.5-inch height, with two folding side pieces that allow a smooth transition up, over, and down past the threshold.

This sturdy aluminum ramp is large and is heavier than most other options, weighing over 15 lbs. It has an anti-slip film on the top that allows for improved traction.

While it’s a bit more of a hassle to set up, this ramp is the best option for wheelchair and scooter riders who need to safely get over a raised threshold safely.

8. Silver Spring Solid Rubber Threshold Ramp

Largest Weight Capacity
Silver Spring Solid Rubber Threshold Ramp - 1-1/2' Rise

Silver Spring Solid Rubber Threshold Ramp

Single-piece 2″ rubber ramp that has a huge weight capacity

About: The Silver Spring Solid Rubber Threshold Ramps is a durable one-piece rubber threshold ramp that works well with steps, porches, decks, and even garages – wherever you need to create a smooth transition between two surfaces. 

Manufactured from durable recycled rubber, these ramps boast an impressive 1,500lb weight capacity. The ramp includes a molded, grooved surface with embedded drain channels to prevent slip and add traction. This 2-inch threshold ramp has beveled sides which promise a smooth transition from either side of the ramp, eliminating the need to line up your wheelchair or scooter perfectly before approaching the ramp.

This model has a 2-inch rise with a 16-inch length and a 43.5-inch width, but there’s also another version that has a 2.5-inch rise.

What to Consider When Selecting a Threshold Ramp

  • Doorway dimensions. Make sure you measure your doorway carefully, in terms of the elevation needed to navigate past the threshold, as well as the width needed to cover most or all of the threshold area.
  • Weight capacity. Determine the weight capacity you require – you’ll likely need a higher weight capacity when traversing thresholds with a wheelchair or electric mobility scooter, as opposed to a lighter-weight folding mobility scooter or a walker or rollator.
  • Non-slip / Anti-Slip. Check to ensure that the threshold ramp has a grooved or anti-slip surface to provide better traction and slip resistance.
  • Drainage. If you’ll be installing the threshold ramp outdoors, opt for a model that has good drainage as well as slip resistance to avoid sliding on wet surfaces when it rains.

What Type of Threshold Is The Ramp For?

A threshold ramp is ideal for any area where you need a smooth transition between two areas.

They’re often installed to navigate over the thresholds of sliding doors, patio doors, or storm doors, which are more likely to have a significant lip within the doorway.

Patio Doorway 2

What Sizes Do Threshold Ramps Come In?

When it comes to threshold ramps for wheelchairs, you’ll find options ranging in height, from models providing 1/2-inch height all the way to 3,4, or even 6 inches.

Most threshold ramps will have a weight capacity of at least 500 lbs, sometimes greater. Since threshold ramps do not tend to be as high as semi-permanent outdoor wheelchair ramps that would be used to replace an entire set of entryway stairs, their lower elevation allows them to be more stable and hold more weight.

How to Measure for a Threshold Ramp

When measuring for a threshold ramp, you’ll need to consider several different dimensions:


This includes the length of the ramp itself as well as the length required to cover your entire threshold. For smaller 1/2-inch to 1-inch thresholds, you’ll likely not need to worry about the ramp’s length.

But, if you have a ramp that requires a threshold height of closer to 5 or 6 inches, you’ll want a ramp with a long enough length so that the ramp angle is gentle and gradual, making it less intimidating for someone in a wheelchair.

Also, consider the placement of the ramp – there is furniture or steps before the threshold, you’ll want to make sure you are choosing a length that is appropriate for the space.


Measure the rise from the walking surface or floor to the highest point of the door’s threshold. You’ll also want to make sure to measure the height of the rise on each end of the threshold. 

This will help you determine if there’s a variation in height at the sides of the threshold. If one side is higher than the other, you’ll need a ramp that can adjust for the rise variance.


Consider the width needed for your doorway. While you don’t need a threshold ramp to cover the entire width of your doorway, it’s usually easier if it does cover the entire width, especially because it could be dangerous if a wheelchair falls off of the side.

measuring for threshold ramp

How To Install a Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Installing a threshold ramp is very simple and easy – for most models, you just need to throw it on the floor and you’re good to go! But we’ll offer a few more details here to help you get the perfect setup.

Step 1: Before installing a threshold ramp, make sure your threshold surfaces are clean as well as dry.

Step 2: Determine where you’ll place your ramp on the threshold.

Step 3: Line up the ramp so that it’s flush against the threshold. This will allow for a seamless transition between the two surfaces.

Step 4: Use extra screws and nails for added security in high-traffic areas. If your ramp has the holes for it, you can add screws and nails to make the threshold ramp semi-permanent and add more stability. This can be especially beneficial if your threshold ramp will be used by people with mobility issues who will be traversing it on a regular basis.

Step 5: After a week or two, make sure to check the ramp to ensure it isn’t sliding and it staying securely in place. Make adjustments if need be.

Raised Room

Does Medicare Cover Wheelchair Ramps for My House?

Although Medicare Part B provides coverage for a variety of different types of durable medical equipment (DME), such a wheelchair or a lift, threshold ramps are not covered by Medicare.

Even if a doctor prescribes a wheelchair ramp as an essential piece of medical equipment, threshold ramps aren’t covered since they are not directly used to treat a medical condition.

There are a few rare situations when Medicare may pay for wheelchair ramps (usually when one needs the ramp to access essential medical treatment like therapy or a surgery), but it’s not common.

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