Best Walkers and Rollators for Seniors

Top Pick
Drive Medical Rollator
  • Cushioned backrest and padded seat
  • Affordable rollator
  • Includes handbrakes
  • Has built-in seat storage basket
Most Affordable
Medline Two-Wheel Walker
  • Simple and affordable
  • Foldable
  • Good for those with moderate balance
Most Comfortable
Medline Empower Rollator
  • Extra-wide memory foam seat
  • Includes convenient cup holder and seat storage bag
  • Loop brakes
  • Large 8-inch wheels work for variety of terrains

Walkers are tremendously beneficial for seniors — they help with balance and stability while also providing extra support to prevent falls while walking.

Walkers and rollators provide a senior with a sense of security and independence, enabling a senior to get out and about on their own with confidence.

Without the assistance of a walker or walker rollator, a senior may be more inclined to stay indoors and socialize less, which can result in isolation, depression, and can even worsen dementia.

Walkers and rollators are clearly valuable — but picking the right walker can be a difficult decision.

There are so many different types of walkers and walker rollators, how do you know which to choose?

In choosing the best walker for seniors, you’ll need to take into consideration the individual’s physical limitations and what kind of terrain the walker will be used on most often.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best walkers and walker rollators for seniors who want to stay active in their golden years! All the while, we’ll help you narrow down the criteria for choosing a walker, and make sure you’re getting the device that’s the best fit.

walkers for seniors

Walkers vs Rollators: What’s the Difference?

When choosing a walker, you need to decide if you want a traditional walker or a rollator.

How a Standard Walker Works

Traditional walkers for seniors are the most basic type of walker and consist of four legs with rubber feet.

Walkers do not have wheels. The legs must be lifted off of the ground in order to move the walker.

This makes a traditional, basic walker more difficult to navigate with – however, this is also what makes them more sturdy. Since all four legs stay on the floor, standard walkers are more secure.

This makes standard walkers the best walker option for seniors who have significant trouble with balance.


To use a walker safely, you must use as follows:

  1. Lift the walker and move it forward without moving your feet.
  2. Move the walker forward as far as your arms allow, and then let the walker feet fall back to the ground.
  3. When all four feet are back on the ground, step forward.

You never want to lift the walker and walk forward at the same time, as this puts you at risk for a fall.

Most walkers also allow you to switch out the rubber feet for walker glides, which can reduce friction and allow a walker to move more smoothly across various surfaces.

How a Walker Rollator Works

Walker rollators have four legs that each have a small wheel at the bottom.

These wheeled walkers can be pushed in front of you as you walk and are easy to maneuver since the wheels swivel.

Wheeled walkers also have brakes that allow you to stop and rest when needed.


Rollators also typically have a padded seat built into them, so you can take a break when needed.

If you can balance yourself, but wish to sit from time to time or require assistance carrying oxygen tanks or other items, a rollator is an excellent choice. A rollator comes in handy if you have arm weakness and are unable to lift a normal walker.

However, a wheeled walker should not be used if you have poor balance. You never want to use a rollator to support your body weight, as the wheeled rollator can easily move and slide out from under you, resulting in a fall.

Types of Rollators

There are several types of walker rollators on the market, each with different advantages and specific use cases.

  • 3-Wheel Rollator. These types of rollators are typically smaller and more maneuverable than 4 wheel rollators, making them a good choice for those who are looking for a compact option. However, they can be less stable than 4 wheel rollators.
  • 4-Wheel Rollator. Four-wheeled walker rollators are generally the standard, and are what most folks think of when they picture a rollator. They can be a bit on the bulkier side, especially when compared to traditional walkers.
  • Bariatric Rollators. Bariatric rollators are designed for those who are larger than average. They typically have a higher weight capacity and wider seat, making them more comfortable and accommodating for those who need it.
  • Transport Rollator. Transport rollators are unique in that they can be adjusted to serve as a transport chair, in additional to being used as a rollator.

Hybrid Rolling Walker: The Best of Both Worlds?

A hybrid rolling walker is a combination of a rollator and a walker, with the front two legs featuring wheels and the back legs using rubber tips.

hybrid rollator

Hybrid rolling walkers can be lifted up in the back and then rolled forward via the front wheels.

These front wheeled walkers can maintain a light level of support, although those with poor balance still need to be careful, as the front wheels can still cause the hybrid rollator to move or roll out from under the user.

A front wheeled walker can be beneficial in situations where the senior has a small floor plan where a full-sized rollator may not fit and a narrow walker is more suitable.


Four rubber-tipped legs

Steadiest support

Can support body weight

Good for those with poor balance

Narrow and lightweight – great for transporting

Slow movement – it’ll take a while to get from point A to point B

Bad for those with poor upper body strength, as must be lifted to move

Not ideal for uneven terrain

How to Use: Lift the walker up, reach out your arms to move it forward, put legs back on the ground, and then walk forward.


Four wheels, sometimes able to swivel

Allows user to walk faster

Includes brakes

Usually has a seat built-in

Does not require much arm strength to use

Cannot support body weight – would roll out from under the user

Not good for those with poor balance

Wide and heavier, not always easy to fold and lift into a car

May be too wide to navigate smaller spaces

How to Use: Simply push the rollator in front of you as you walk – the wheels will move forward as you take each step.


Two non-swivel wheels on the front legs, two rubber-tipped legs in the back

Can support some body weight

Good for those with moderate balance

Wheels allow it to navigate various terrain

Still has potential to roll too far forward if the user isn’t careful.

How to Use: Lift the back legs up, push forward gently, and step forward. Let back legs fall back to the ground to stop moving.

Not sure which to get? Ask a professional.

Struggling to choose between rollators, walkers, or hybrids? We always recommend talking with your doctor or a physical therapist, as they can help you pick out the best device based on your specific mobility requirements.

When it comes to pricing and comparing how much walkers cost — rollators always are pricier than standard, traditional walkers.

Best Walkers and Rollators for Seniors

1. Best Overall Pick: Drive Medical Four-Wheel Walker

Best Overall Walker Rollator for Seniors
Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator Fold Up and Removable Back Support, Padded Seat with 7.5-Inch Casters, Red

Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator

Great rollator for seniors that’s solid and budget-friendly

The Drive Medical Four-Wheel Walker is an impressive wheeled walker that boasts a number of nice bonus features.

For one, it has a cushioned backrest – a feature seniors tend to love!

It also had a padded seat and a seat storage basket that can store belongings. We appreciate the steel frame’s strength as well as the option to choose a blue or black design.

The large 7.5″ caster wheels on this walker are durable, providing great use for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. did we mention is has hand brekes too? Yup, this walker’s hand brakes allow for rapid stops even when the terrain is sloped.

Best of all, it folds up for easy storage and transport! It’s no wonder this is one of our top picks for the best walkers for seniors.

2. Best Lightweight Option: Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

Best Lightweight Walker
Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker, Lightweight Folding Rolling Walker for Adults, Seniors, and Elderly, Collapsable Travel Walker with Wheels, Ski Glides, and Pouch, Compact Standard Walker, Black Walnut

Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

A super lightweight walker that folds up incredibly small

The Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker is an ultra-lightweight walker that’s ideal when portability is paramount. It folds up quickly and easily, making it perfect for transport and storage.

In fact, this walker folds up just like an umbrella – how cool is that? It even claims to fold 4x smaller than a standard walker, which means this baby can fit just about anywhere!

The Stander EZ Fold-N-Go Walker also has a height adjustable frame, so it can be easily customized to fit any senior’s height between 5’6″ to 6’3″.

On the shorter side? Don’t worry, there’s a short version of this walker too, so even our under 5′ seniors can have a go!

Despite weighing just 8 lbs, it still manages to support a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs!

With its compact 24×24 inch footprint, it’s perfect for navigating narrow hallways. The walker’s 6-inch locking swivel wheels provide plenty of stability – you can even choose between fixed or swiveling wheels depending on the terrain or your mobility needs.

Sick of boring white and grey medical equipment? This walker comes in fun colors like rose, blue, and the standard black.

Pre-assembled, this mobility device doesn’t require even a screwdriver to assemble. Plus, it even comes with its own nylon carrying bag! It really is a fan favorite walker for any senior who is always out and about!

We love the sleek design of this walker and how easy it is to fold up and transport. It would be great for seniors who are always on the go!


  • Super compact, able to fold up easily like an umbrella
  • Weighs just 8 lbs
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • No padded seat

3. Best Euro-Style Option: Nitro Euro Style Walker

Best Euro-Style Walker
Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro Euro-Style 4-Wheel Rollator Walker With Seat, Red

Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Walker

Premium and sleek euro-style walker with 10″ front wheels

The Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style is a high-end rolling walker that is perfect for seniors who are looking for a walker with some extra flair.

What makes this walker special is its Euro-style frame, which gives it a more contemporary look than many other walkers on the market.

It also comes with a built-in seat and a removable zippered under-the-seat storage bag for belongings, as well as four wheels with two large 10″ front caster wheels that provide a smooth ride and improved steering, even on rougher outdoor terrain.

This walker rollator also has a built-in break cable for added safety!

The rollator’s handles can easily be adjusted for various heights with the press of a button, and the backrest can be moved up or down too so that it’s always comfortable for the user.

Did we mention it’s a breeze to fold up too? With just a single hand, seniors can quickly fold up the Nitro Euro Style for transport or storage.

This walker also comes in a variety of colors, including blue, red, and black, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

We love this walker for its high-end style and extra features!


  • Unique euro-style design
  • Large 10″ front caster wheels for a variety of terrain
  • Built-in break cable


  • Somewhat pricey

4. Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker

Rollator with best seat
Medline Premium Empower Folding Mobility Rollator Walker with Memory Foam Seat, Black, 300 lb. Weight Capacity, 8” Wheels, Cupholder,Rolling Walker for Mobility Impairment, Adjustable Handles

Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker

Sturdy rollator with an extra-wide memory foam seat

The Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker is a sturdy, reliable walker rollator that is perfect for seniors who need a little extra help getting around.

It boasts some great bonus features you won’t see elsewhere too. For example, it comes with an extra-wide memory foam seat, built-in armrests, and a backrest that can be flipped up when not needed.

It also includes a removable basket for belongings, as well as large eight-inch wheels that provide stability and make it easy to navigate uneven surfaces. It even has a cup holder that can be folded or adjusted as needed – perfect for helping a senior stay hydrated with their favorite drink!

The back rest and legs are adjustable for various heights, allowing users ranging from 4’11” to 6’4″ to find the perfect height. And, the walker also folds up easily for transport or storage.

We also love that the padded seat includes a latch that allows the seat to be lifted up, giving plenty of space for a senior to easily walk into the rollator. This model also boasts loop-style brakes that can be pushed down to lock, and pulled up to be released.

This style of brake can be much easier to use for those with arthritis.

Plus, the rollator’s adjustment points are colored yellow, making them easy to identify against the rollator’s black frame. This eliminated any confusion about where the user needs to press to make adjustments!

We love that this walker is so sturdy and reliable – it would be perfect for seniors who need a little extra help getting around.


  • Cushioned memory foam seat
  • Basket for belongings
  • Cup holder included
  • Adjustable legs, back rest, and brightly colored adjustment points
  • Loop brakes


  • None we can think of

5. Best Budget Pick: Medline Two-Button Folding Walker

Best Budget Walker Hybrid
Medline Lightweight Folding Walker with 5' Wheels, Aluminum Frame Supports up to 300 lbs

Medline Two-Button Folding Walker

A budget-friendly, no-filled walker hybrid

The Medline Two-Button Folding Walker is a simple, budget-friendly two-wheeled walker hybrid option for seniors who are just looking to get from point A to point B without any fuss.

Made of a durable frame that can offers a 300 lb weight capacity, this walker is also lightweight at just 8 lbs, making in a cinch to fold up and transport.

The downside? As a walker with just two five-inch wheels, it can’t roll too quickly. But for some seniors that’s a plus – the combination of wheels and walker glides allows for enough friction that the user can stay in full control and won’t have to worry as much about the walker rolling out from under them.

The legs are adjustable too, making it a good fit for a range of heights. It also comes mostly pre-assembled. All you have to do is attach the leg pieces (no tool needed) and you’ll be on your way!


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for seniors who don’t want a four-wheeled rollator


  • No seat
  • Fairly basic, no extras

6. Best Upright Option: UPWalker Lite Upright Walker

Best Upright Walker Rollator
Journey UPWalker Lite – The Original Upright Walker – Premium, Lightweight Adjustable Upright Rollator Walker with Narrow Build, Seat & Reduced Turning Radius for Adults, Seniors & The Elderly

UPWalker Lite Original Upright Walker

An upright rollator walker that can help improve posture

The UPWalker Lite Original Upright Walker is uniquely designed upright walker rollator, offering additional benefits like improved posture and reduced leg, wrist, and joint pain.

This rollator is made with balance and safety as a top priority, featuring a patented design that hides brake cables within the frame so there are no protruding parts or cords that might get snagged.

It’s also fairly light, weighing in at only 15.5 pounds. This walker is meant for users between 4’7”-5’10” and can support user weight up to 300 pounds.

The UPWalker Lite is easy to fold for transport and storage. While it’s primarily for indoor use, it should work well for limited outdoor use as well.


  • Upright walker designed to provide walking support while improving posture
  • Hidden break cables eliminate any protruding cords


  • Not all seniors like the upright design
  • Some found the Upwalker too wide to easily fit into a car trunk
  • The seat is not especially comfortable

7. Drive Medical Nitro Duet Rollator Rolling Walker

Best Multi-Use Rollator
Drive Medical Nitro Dual Function Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Rolling Walker Combo with Hand Activated Brakes and Back Support, Red

Drive Medical Nitro Duet Rollator Rolling Walker

This rollator can double as a transport chair as needed!

Drive Medical’s Nitro Duet Rollator Rolling Walker is a multi-functioning mobility device, able to function as both a walker rollator as well as a transporter chair!

This allows an elderly senior to move around independently via the rollator function, or be pushed by a caregiver through the transport chair function.

The back support can even be adjusted and reversed without tools to allow the user to easily switch between the two functions as needed – how neat is that?

This dual rollator walker also boasts 10-inch front caster wheels for a smooth, improved turned radius, along with cross-braces that provide more stability while also allowing the walker to fold easily.


  • Functions as a walker rollator as well as a transport chair
  • Large 10-inch front caster wheels


  • Fairly heavy at 22 lbs

8. Best for Narrow Spaces: OasisSpace Compact Folding Walker

Best Space-Saving Walker
OasisSpace Compact Folding Walker with Trigger Release and 5 Inches Wheels for Seniors Elderly [Accessories Included] Narrow Lightweight Support up to 350 lb(FSA or HSA Eligible)

OasisSpace Compact Folding Walker

Ultra-compact walker hybrid

OasisSpace Compact Folding Walker is a sturdy, more premium version of the standard folding walker.

What makes this walker hybrid special?

For one, it boasts a super compact design, saving 50% more space than a standard walker and measuring in at only 19.7″ on the longest side.

It’s super lightweight at just 6 pounds, making it perfect for elderly people who may have to lift the walker themselves and need something light as a feather.

This walker also prides itself on its trigger handle, which allows the user to collapse the walker in one, fluid motion.

For seniors who struggle with limited finger dexterity, a trigger handle may be easier to use than a hard-to-press button or a more complicated release mechanism.

The height is adjustable, with a range of 30.3″ to 37″, and the included skis mean you won’t have to go shopping for new walker glides.

This walker comes with a 300-pound weight capacity, making it sturdy enough for most users.


  • Trigger handle allows for easy collapsing
  • Weighs just 6 lbs


  • None we can think of

9. Lighest Rollator: byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker

Lightest Rollator
byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker with Organizer Bag, Regular Track, 16.5' x 24' Seat (W x H), Black

byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker

Super light rollator made with a carbon fiber frame

The byACRE Carbon Ultralight Rollator Walker is the lightest rollator on the market, weighing only 10.6 lbs. Despite this light weight, it supports a weight capacity up to 285 lbs! This is largely due to the rollator’s carbon fiber frame, unbeatable strength and stability that’s 5x tougher than steel.

Fans also love the reversed ergonomic hand grip handles, which make it easier to maneuver the rollator around since you use your palms on the handles, rather than your fingers (which can be challenging for those with arthritis).

This rollator is adjustable too, using a simple push button to adjust the height between 31.1″ to 35.8″.

This impressive rollator arrives fully assembled and ready to use! It folds flat for transport and comes with its own organizing bag as well.


  • Ultra light-weight rollator
  • Made of carbon


  • Expensive
  • Seat is not very thick or well-cushioned

10. Best Multi-Purpose Pick: Health Line 4-in-1 Stand-Assist Folding Walker

Best Multi-Purpose Walker
Health Line Massage Products 4-in-1 Stand-Assist Folding Walker with Detachable Seat, Walking Mobility Aid with 5' Wheels 350lbs Capacity, Can be Used as Toilet Safety Rail, Compact & Portable, Blue

Health Line Massage Products 4-in-1 Stand-Assist Folding Walker

Bi-level walker hybrid that double’s as a toilet safety frame

The Health Line 4-in-1 Stand-Assist Folding Walker is another great walker for seniors, especially considering it can be used for several functions.

It’s multi-purpose designed largely is attributed to the walker’s bi-level handles, which allows a senior to gradually progress from the lower to the top level of handles, making it easier to use for those who are not as steady on their feet.

It can also be used as a toilet safety frame or a lift assist tool to get up from a seated to a standing position, whether used to help a senior get up from the toilet or get up from a couch or chair.

The Health Line 4-in-1 Walker also features a trigger-release folding mechanism that can doesn’t require the senior to remove their hands from the handle in order to close the walker.

This is a great feature for those who may have arthritis or pain in their hands!

The height can be adjusted from 31.9 inches to 39 inches via 8 different levels, and the handle grips even include soft foam for enhanced comfort.

This walker also comes with 2 ski glides, along with a 60-day unconditional return policy and 3-year limited warranty.


  • Multi-purpose walker allows it to double as a toilet safety frame, among other uses
  • Trigger release folding mechanism makes this walker easy to collapse
  • Bi-level handles allow for better security and stability moving from seated to standing position
  • Comes in silver and blue


  • A couple of users have reported that the click-in mechanisms to secure the walker degrade over time, but this doesn’t seem to be a common complaint

11. Best Knee Walker: KneeRover QUAD All Terrain Knee Walker

Best Knee Walker Rollator
KneeRover Quad All Terrain Knee Scooter for Adults for Foot Surgery Heavy Duty Knee Walker for Broken Ankle Foot Injuries Recovery - Leg Scooter Best Knee Crutch Alternative (Metallic Blue)

KneeRover QUAD All Terrain Knee Walker

A rollator that has the user balance on their knee

The KneeRover QUAD All Terrain Knee Walker is a high-quality knee walker, ideal for those recovering from a broken foot, broken leg, or foot surgery.

The four air-filled tires provide excellent traction on all types of terrain, while the rear drum brakes and locking hand brake give you great control over the scooter.

The adjustable knee pad and handlebar make it easy to customize the fit for your height (for users with a height of 4’9” to 6’6”), and the folding design makes it convenient to transport and store.

Overall, the KneeRover QUAD is a great choice for anyone needing a reliable and sturdy knee walker.


  • Great alternative to crutches
  • Can handle a variety of rough outdoor terrain


  • Requires a high level of balance and core strength – not ideal for most elderly seniors

12. Best Three-Wheel Pick: Vive 3-Wheel Walker Rollator

Best Three-Wheel Rollator
Vive Mobility 3 Wheel Walker - Three Wheeled Rollator for Seniors - Lightweight, Foldable, Narrow, Heavy Duty - for Elderly Men Women - Folding 3-Wheel Tri Scooter with Basket Bag (FSA HSA Approved)

Vive Mobility 3 Wheel Walker

A tri-wheel walker rollator that’s great for tight spaces

The Vive Mobility 3 Wheel Walker is a great three-wheel mobility walker rollator option for seniors who need a walker that can fit in close quarters.

The three-wheel design, similar to a tricycle, makes it easy to navigate in narrow confines, and the height adjustable handlebars ensures a comfortable fit. The included walker accessory bag is a nice touch, and the lifetime guarantee provides peace of mind.

The tri-rollator’s front swivel wheel offers fantastic maneuvering in crowded areas, while the back 7.5” wheels are ideal for indoor terrain as well as moderately smooth outdoor surfaces.

The lightweight aluminum frame is stable and supports up to 250 pounds, yet is easy to pick up and maneuver when necessary.

No tools are required for assembly, so setup is a breeze!

While plenty of users seem to love this tri-rollator, a few did have some frightening stability issues.

Some users note that due to how far forward the rear wheels are, the front wheel can easily come off the ground once pressure is put on the handlebars. It’s hard to tell how frequently this is an issue, as most users did not complain, but it’s something to be aware of as a potential risk.


  • Great maneuverability for crowded areas
  • 21-inch width allows it work well even in tight spaces
  • Very lightweight, especially for a rollator


  • Some complained of stability with front wheel rising up when pressure is applied, or tilting is excessive pressure to applied to one side

Features to Consider When Choosing a Walker or Rollator

Walker Size and Width

When choosing between walker, consider which size will work best with your home.

Measure the width of doorways and hallways in your home, and ensure that your walker will be able to move easily throughout the house.


Most walkers for seniors are 22 to 27 inches wide at the base – make sure that your doorways won’t be narrower than the walker (and don’t forget to allow for some clearance between the walker and the doorway, as well as how any installed threshold ramps might effect the space).

Bathroom doorways especially are known for being at times quite narrow, especially in older homes.

The width between the handles is important too, as your hips should always fit inside the walker. If the walker or rollator has a padded seat, make sure you have roughly an inch of clearance on each side when you sit down.

Most walkers have adjustable height legs, but you’ll still need to keep in mind the width and overall dimensions.

Easy to Transport

Ensure that your walker is transportable so you can easily move it from one place to another.

If a senior will only be using the walker or rollator primarily around the home, this may not be a huge concern.

But if the walker will be taken out to restaurants, shopping areas, parks, etc, you’ll likely want something that’s at least relatively light and easy to fold up into a car.

Portability & Storage

Some walkers fold up for easy storage, which is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of extra space or for those who want to take their walker with them when they’re out and about town.

Luckily, the vast majority of walkers are foldable and can be stored away easily.

Some walkers even come with a carrying bag, allowing you to fold up the walker and zip it into its storage bag when you’re not using it, or when transporting it between locations.

Walker Weight

Most walkers for seniors are focused on staying lightweight, allowing the walkers to easily be picked up and moved. This allows a walker to be versatile and to be taken wherever a senior may need it.

However, lighter isn’t always better.

Heavier walkers can offer increased stability, which can be better for seniors who need the extra support or seniors who are themselves a bit heftier. Just remember that the heavier a walker is, the tougher it’ll be to get up and down stairs, in and out of a car, etc.

Weight Capacity

Always choose a walker with a weight capacity that is suited for your body weight.

Most walkers can hold up to 300 pounds, but if you need a more heavy-duty walker or rollator that can hold closer to 500 pounds, opt for a bariatric model.

Don’t ignore weight limits — if the walker is too light for one’s body, it may not be sturdy enough to provide adequate support.


walker wheels

Walkers with wheels (aka rollators and hybrids) are ideal for uneven terrain. This makes them the best walkers for seniors who want a device for indoor and outdoor use.

However, keep in mind that rollator walkers are less stable than those without wheels and can be a risk for those without good balance.

Wheel size is another consideration. Many rollators and hybrid walkers will have 6- or 8-inch wheels that work great indoors or for flat, even outdoor terrain.

If you plan on using your rollator walker outdoors often and on a variety of uneven terrain, opt the largest wheels possible.

outdoor rollator

Handle Height

Handle height is another important aspect to consider – if the handles of a walker are too low, you’ll have to stoop and hunch over to hold them. If the handles are too tall, you won’t be able to effectively distribute your weight to your arms.

Luckily, most walkers can be adjusted for different heights.

walker handle

Braking System

Walker rollators with easy-to-use brakes are ideal for those who want more stability while they walk. A braking system helps keep the walker in place, which is crucial for seniors who are walking on uneven terrain or slopes.

Brakes are only necessary for rollators or hybrid rollators. Since walkers have four rubber tips without any wheels, there is no need for brakes!

rollator brakes

Seat Height and Comfort

If a senior wants to be able to rest and take a breather whenever they need to, walkers with seats are a great option! While traditional walkers and hybrid walker don’t usually have a padded built-in seat, rollator walkers usually do.

Walker rollators with seats give a senior a comfy spot to rest between walks. However, the seat will be useless if it’s not the right height for you!

Make sure the seat will be high enough by measuring the height of a chair in your house that you can easily sit down and stand up from. Use this height as a benchmark for comparing rollators.

Thankfully, many rollators provide the option to alter the height of the seat.

Also consider comfort – some rollators will have a seat that is just a thin piece of fabric. This is usually fine for quick rests, but if you plan on spending a lot of time seated in a rollator, you’ll want to opt for a comfier, thicker padded seat.

Storage Accessory Bag

Some walkers come with built-in storage space or a handy seat storage bag, which can store a senior’s personal belongings like a Kindle e-reader, glasses, medications, etc.

If your walker doesn’t include a bag, make sure to check out our list of the best baskets and bags for walkers to choose the perfect storage bag!


Be sure to choose a walker that is adjustable to your height. This will ensure that the walker is comfortable to use and will help to keep you safe while you’re walking.

Always check the maximum and minimum height to ensure the walker or rollator will work for your size. This is especially true for seniors who are shorter or taller than normal!

FAQs About Rollator and Walkers

How is a rollator walker adjusted?

Most rollator walkers have an easy-to-use push button or a knob mechanism that allows the user to adjust the height of the walker or rollator.

Nearly all rollators allow the senior to adjust the handle height, and some also have additional adjustment points for the leg heights, back rest, and seat height.

Adjustability is essential in order to ensure a comfortable, customized fit for each individual user.

What is the difference between a 3 wheel and 4 wheel rollator?

The main difference between a 3 wheel and 4 wheel rollator is maneuverability. Three-wheel rollators are more agile and can make sharper turns than a four-wheeled walker. Three-wheel rollators tend to be more narrow and can often be easier to maneuver in tight spaces than four-wheel rollators.

How much does a walker or rollator weigh?

Traditional walkers tend to be lighter than rollators, weighing typically between 6-10lbs. Rollators on the other hand, usually weigh between 15 – 20 lbs.

What is the weight limit for a walker or rollator?

Most walkers and rollators have a weight capacity limit between 200-300 pounds,

What is the difference between a walker and a rollator?

The biggest difference between a walker and a rollator is that a rollator has wheels while a walker does not. This makes rollators much easier to push and maneuver. However, with that maneuverability comes less stability, as its unsafe to put your full weight support on a rollator. Standard walkers are much more stable, especially for people with balance issues.

How do I know if I need a walker or a rollator?

If you struggle with balance, a walker is likely the best option, as it can support a user’s body weight without tipping or rolling. This also allows walkers to at times function as stand assist devices too.

If you are able to walk and don’t have balance issues, but need help with fatigue, a rollator may be a better option as it can help ease some of the strain of walking. They usually have padded seats too!

Does Medicare cover rollators?

Medicare Part B will cover 80% of the cost of medically-necessary durable medical equipment (DME) if your doctor prescribes it for use in your home.

A rollator is considered DME and would therefore be covered under Medicare Part B. However, you would be responsible for the remaining 20% of the cost as well

No matter which walker or rollator you choose, always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it safely. And if you have any questions, be sure to ask your doctor or a physical therapist.

With the right walker or rollator as a mobility aid, you can maintain your independence and live a active lifestyle!

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