Best Bags & Baskets for Walkers: Stylish Walker Storage!

Bags and baskets are reliable walker accessories. They make it possible for a senior to carry personal items while out and about and moving around. From wallets, phones, and water bottles, to books and phone chargers, walker bags can help seniors bring along a number of important items.

Elderly seniors and recovering patients can bring in their walker basket essential medications and even an oxygen tank. Considering how useful walker bags can be, it’s important to invest in a walker basket or bag that is appropriate for the user’s needs.

We’ll discuss below how to evaluate various walker bags and baskets, choosing the best for a senior’s particular lifestyle.

Best Bags and Baskets for Walkers: Reviews

Here is a breakdown of our top eight walker bags and baskets. We’ve listed everything you need to know to help you select the one that matches your needs!

1. Vive Walker Bag

The Most Versatile Walker Bag
Vive Walker Bag - Accessories Wheelchair Basket Pouch (Water Resistant) - Seniors Caddy Accessory Attachment for Folding, Rolling Walkers - Carry Storage Carrier Tote - Lightweight, Universal Size

Vive Walker Bag

Colorful and spacious walker bag with adjustable fasteners

In addition to its colorful print design, this bag has a lot to offer different walker users. It provides a spacious inner compartment that can carry medical supplies, a purse, and a change of clothes. 

This walker bag has a zipper that ensures all of the user’s items are well secured. Keys, drinks, electronics, and snacks can go to the outer pockets for easy accessibility.

The bag has strong, adjustable fasteners, which enable it to fit on walkers of varying widths. There are three heavy-duty fastener loops at the top of the walker bag and two on each side. These secure the bag firmly to the walker, with the bag hardly moving once fastened to the crossbar and sidebars.

Manufactured using lightweight, water-resistant material, this bag is very versatile, able to withstand a variety of weather conditions. It keeps your items safe and dry when out and about, and it’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

The company also has a 60-day unconditional guarantee you can take advantage of if something does go array with the bag

The lack of velcro or zipper closure on the inside and outside pockets leaves some items exposed. The outer pockets use mesh, which allows a senior to easily see and access the items, but doesn’t allow for much privacy in regards to those outer items. 

Items in the exterior pocket might fall out if not held properly, so make sure whatever you place in the outer pockets fits well and isn’t too big for the intended pocket.


  • Easy to organize, with visible mesh pockets on the outside.
  • Lightweight and water-resistant materials.
  • Strong velcro straps for securing the bag to the walker.


  • No zipper or velcro closure for the small pockets.
  • Outside pockets are unusable when the bag is packer full.

2. HealthSmart Universal Walker Storage Basket

Best Small Items Walker Basket
HealthSmart Walker Storage Basket with Cup Holder and Insert Tray, No Tools Needed, White, 16 x 5.5 x 7, Walker Accessories

HealthSmart Universal

Simple, lightweight metal walker basket

This walker basket combines simplicity and functionality in an easy-to-use design.

You don’t need any tools to assemble and attach this lightweight basket to your walker – it has adjustable hook-and-loop straps for fastening the basket to the crossbars and sidebars at the front of the walker

The basket has a nice vinyl coating finish that enhances its aesthetic and provides resistance to rust. As for storage, the basket comes with a removable plastic tray insert that ensures small items won’t fall through. There is enough room for a book or Kindle e-reader, cell phone, medicine, wallet, and purse. You can even put your cup into the molded cup holder space on the tray.

The HealthSmart basket is ideal for carrying small items, but large and heavy items will cause it to tilt and drop contained personal effects.

Unfortunately, for people with walkers that have only one horizontal bar at the front, it’ll be hard to keep the bar firmly vertical. This basket is best for walkers that have two horizontal bars at the front, so that the basket has one bar to attach to and another bar to rest the bulk of the basket against.


  • No tools needed to attach to a walker.
  • Removable plastic insert is easy to clean.
  • Rust-resistance coating.


  • It doesn’t hold well on walkers with one horizontal bar.

3. Supregear Walker Bag

Best Organized Walker Bag
supregear Walker Bag, Walker Basket for Folding Walker for Seniors with Multiple Pockets and Zippered Compartment, Water Resistant Walker Attachment Storage Bag

Supregear Walker Bag

Walker bag with tons of extra panels and pockets

The Supregear Walker Bag is a reliable walker bag as far as space goes, with multiple interior and exterior pockets.

This colorful patterned walker bag allows you to store small, frequently used items like reading glasses and snacks in the exterior pockets for easy accessibility and keep other personal items like medical supplies in the large main zipper pocket.

The manufacturers use 600D oxford and nylon fabric to make the body of the bag. These are strong, water-resistant, machine washable materials that are highly durable.

The Supregear Walker Bag can fit perfectly on different sizes and styles of walkers and rollators. You don’t need any tools to fasten the four strong universal velcro straps. 

The side straps cover several inches of the walker poles, resulting in improved stability and bag security. The velcro straps are reinforced with the same oxford and nylon material as the bag itself, offering more durability than standard velcro straps commonly seen in other walker bags. 


  • Front, back, and main storage pockets.
  • Front and back pockets have velcro closures, main pocket uses zipper closure.
  • Strong oxford and nylon material that’s water-resistant and machine washable.
  • Fits most walker sizes and styles.


4. RMS Water Resistant Tote Bag

Best Universal Fit Walker Bag
RMS Water Resistant Tote Bag for Walker and Scooter - Butterfly

RMS Water Resistant

Brightly-colored, adjustable walker bag

The RMS Water Resistant Tote Bag is a universal fit walker bag. You can attach it to a wide range of walker sizes and styles.

Seniors particularly appreciate the colorful and unique butterfly design. Even with such a colorful style, this bag’s material is a durable polyester that’s water-resistant and easy to wash. 

This walker bag has adjustable length straps that use clip fasteners to secure it to the walker. The top straps attach to the crossbar while the side straps secure to the sidebars, ensuring the walker bag stays firmly in place.

There is enough storage in the main bag compartment to hold most of a user’s personal items. Inside, there’s a small additional compartment to store slim, flat items like credit cards or IDs and a keyring holder.

There’s also a handy zippered front pocket where you can place your phone, and the two large mesh pockets in the back are ideal for water bottles.


  • Unique colorful butterfly pattern.
  • Universal fit, compatible with various walker sizes.
  • Durable, water-resistant materials that are easy to wash.
  • Additional inner panel pocket for easy storage of small items like credit cards and ID.


5. Double Sided Walker Bag

Best Large Capacity Walker Bag
Double Sided Walker Bag, Walker Organizer Pouch Tote for Rollator and Folding Walker (Grey)

Double Sided Walker Bag

Walker bag with pockets on the front and back sides

This double-sided walker with several pocket compartments at the front and back is ideal for people with lots of items to carry.

Those who enjoy the convenience of organizing their items into various pockets and panels will adore this bag! The plentiful pockets vary in size, and there’s also a mesh compartment for water bottles.

The user can customize where different items go depending on the  size and frequency of use. The most-used items should be places into pockets that are the most easily accessible (so, the front and back panel pockets). 

To mount the bag on the walker, simply lay it over the top crossbar, then fasten the strong velcro straps to the sidebars on each side. The velcro straps should fit on almost any size and style of walker.

With its six included velcro straps, you can rest easy knowing the bag will hardly move at all once fastened.

Some stand-out features of this walker bag is the top handle that makes it easy to carry this bag like a satchel. There are also several layers of pocket panels, with even a few pencil and pen pockets!

The only shortcoming with the bag is its lack of a zippered pocket. However, you can secure some of the pockets with velcro closures to keep more private items safely hidden.


  • Nine pockets – the most pockets found in any walker bag.
  • Easy to mount and unmount.
  • Six velcro straps mount the bag steady.
  • Durable nylon material that’s machine washable.


  • There are no zippered pockets.

6. Olivia & Aiden Walker Bag

Best Easy to Access Walker Bag
Olivia & Aiden Walker Bag - Wheelchair Pouch for Standard Walkers, Wheelchairs, Bariatric Walkers, and Dual-Point Folding Walkers - Keeps Your Necessities, Accessible and Organized

Olivia & Aiden

Stylish walker caddy with an insulated pocket for a water bottle

This is an elegant walker bag with a unique style that stands out compared to most other walker bags. 

This two-tone black and grey walker caddy can fit on a variety of walkers. This bag uses two velcro loops to attach to the sides of the walker.

There is adequate space in the central compartment for personal items and medication. While the main compartment is secured via a small velcro closure, there is also a smaller, discreet inner panel that uses a zipper to secure more personal items. 

This walker bag also provideshave insulated pockets for storing water bottles on either side of the main large compartment. At the front, you’ll find two fabric pockets and a large mesh one as well.

The only challenge with this bag is that can potentially tilt a bit when stuffed with heavy items. Try to maintain a weight balance with the items in the bag, and it should be fine. 


  • Unique, sleek two-tone design
  • Adjustable velcro loops to fit on different walkers.
  • Strong water-resistant material.


  • Can potentially tilt with heavier items
  • Only uses two velcro straps to secure, which is less than most

7. MDSTOP Walker Hanging Storage Bag

Best Durable Walker Bag
Walker Bag Organizer, MDSTOP Hanging Storage Bag, Waterproof Accessory Tote Caddy, Universal Fits for Walkers, Scooters or Rollator Walkers (Blue2, 16.5' x 9')

MDSTOP Walker Hanging Bag

Patterned walker bag with multiple mesh and interior pockets

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable walker bag, this is the one for you. This bag comes in several patterns and colors to add a splash of personality to reflect the user. Versatile and with a design that is compatible with most standard walkers, it’s an ideal grab-and-go bag.

There’s enough room for your personal items in the large central pocket that’s secured with a zipper. Additionally, the three insulated mesh pockets and the other two back pockets are large enough to store items used the most, such as a phone, reading glasses, keys, etc.

Velcro fastening material is used to ensure that the bag stays in place while you’re on the move. There are three velcro loops at the top and one on each side. Fastening and removing them requires very little effort.

The polyester material used to make this bag is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. 

The only potential issue  with the bag is that it can tilt when loaded with too many heavy items. This issue can be avoided by simply limiting the size and weight of the items (which is smart to reduce strain anyhow) 


  • Spacious.
  • Sturdy, lightweight material.
  • Watertight.
  • Easy to fasten and remove.


  • It tilts when loaded with heavy items.

8. Drive Medical Walker Basket

Best Affordable Walker Basket
Drive Medical 10200B Walker Basket with Plastic Cup Holder, White

Drive Medical Walker Basket

Budget-friendly walker basket with built-in cup holder and tray

This small basket is ideal for use with 1-inch folding and 1-inch tubing walkers. It comes with a plastic insert tray with a cup holder, which prevents items from falling through. The small size of this basket means it’s super lightweight, but it can only fit a few key items. 

To install, simply attach the hooks to the walker’s crossbar and leg, and you’re good to go. Since there is no cover at the top, it’s fast to retrieve whatever item you need from the basket.

Unfortunately, this also leaves contained items exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain or hot sun rays. However, a magazine, newspaper, or any water-repellent material could easily be used to cover the top.

This walker basket is a fan favorite due to how affordable it is. It’s great for those who just want to try out a walker basket and see if they like the idea.

One problem with this basket is that the hooks don’t always fasten steadily and tend to loosen after a while.  So, try and avoid loading heavy items on the basket.


  • asy to install.
  • Affordable
  • It’s fast to retrieve items.


  • Small basket that can’t hold many items.
  • Items are exposed to the elements.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bags and Baskets for Walkers

Some of the essential factors to consider when shopping for walker bags and baskets include:

Size of the Bag

Make sure you note the length and width of the walker bag or basket, and determine whether it fits well on the walker. A big bag may not fit and will hang off the sides of the walker, and a smaller walker bag will keep sliding on the bar, creating an annoying (and in some cases dangerous) imbalance.

Privacy and Safety

If you carry medications, cash, and credit cards, then you probably need a bag that’s more secure and private. In that case, a basket is out of the question, and baskets are much more open and easily accessible.

If you plan on carrying personal items in your walker bag, opt for a bag with zippers, velcro panels, or pockets that can be secured (while still maintaining easy access for the user).

Hidden inner panels and pockets can be helpful in this regard, although make sure the user will be able to remember when they’ve secured items in the hidden panel.

An old woman pushing a rollator walker on a paved path between two green fields.

Type of Walker

The style and measurement of your walker also influence the choice of bag and basket. For one, bariatric or wide walkers will need a bag with longer straps or attachments.

Some walker baskets may also be compatible with folding mobility scooters, but this varies between products, so check the product’s description to see if there is any potential to use the bag with a scooter.

Also keep in mind that the size and type of bag you purchase may vary depending on if you’re using a walker or rollator.


The bag’s capacity will depend on the number and size of items you intend to carry while moving around with the walker. 

For instance, an older person who needs their personal effects, shopping items, or essential medication, such as an oxygen tank, will have to go for a bigger and stronger bag.

On the other hand, a senior who can get by with a few small things like a pill bottle, magazine, and book, will be better off with a smaller bag. 


The walker bag or basket’s weight matters a lot considering seniors tend to have reduced strength. Extra weight can take its toll on the user, so make sure you’re only packing the essentials and ensure that the walker bag itself isn’t too bulky and heavy.

The walker bag shouldn’t be so heavy that it makes it difficult to lift or push the walker when getting around. 


When it comes to attaching the bag to the walker, you have three options:

  • Straps at the top, which fasten to the upper crossbar
  • Side straps that attach to the walker’s vertical sidebars
  • Both top straps and side straps

The double straps at the top and on the side help to hold the bag in place. It doesn’t swing around, so there is little to no inconvenience while using the walker.


Apart from the colors, look out for beneficial designs that enhance the bag’s functionality. Things like additional pockets and compartments go a long way in helping a senior organize their items.

Reflective strips on a bag come in handy for improving visibility at night. Additionally, a bag with a medical alert pocket is a good consideration if the person using the walker is at risk of losing consciousness. 

Best Bags & Baskets for Walkers

Walker bags and baskets offer many conveniences for seniors who want to carry some of their possessions with them while out and about with their walker. By offering an easy way to keep possessions closeby, walker bags and baskets like those highlighted here help to keep seniors mobile.

The best bags and baskets for walkers should offer accessories that add functionality to your walker. Our personal best is the Vive Walker Bag. It covers most of the essential considerations. 

To start with, it fits different walker styles, has room for medications and other vital items. It’s easy to access your personal items while the bag is still fastened to the walker. 

Ultimately, your needs should precede all other factors, including cost. A good bag will serve you well, for a long time.

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