18 Best RV Clubs for Seniors: Connect with Like-Minded Road Warriors!

Are you a senior who enjoys traveling in an RV? Have you ever wanted to meet up with other like-minded seniors who share your passion for the open road?

If so, then joining one of these 18 best RV clubs for seniors will help give you the opportunity to socialize and make new friends!

Why Should Seniors Consider Joining a RV Club?

There are many reasons why seniors should join an RV club. Some of the benefits include:

  • Campground discounts. Some clubs offer anywhere from 10-50% off campground site bookings! This is often a perk of clubs that are associated with a specific brand or network of campgrounds.
  • Group discounts and perks. Many clubs offer discounts on RV equipment, tires, and other road essentials. In addition, many clubs offer perks like roadside assistance or emergency coverage.
  • Connection with like-minded people. Joining an RV club will give you the opportunity to meet new friends who are also passionate about travel. Many clubs host rallies and annual events where members can meet up and get to know each other. Some clubs put an even greater emphasis on community, with weekly or monthly gatherings.
  • Opportunity to learn new things. You can gain knowledge from club members who are experienced in RVing or other subjects related to traveling. Plus, many RV clubs have newsletters or online databases that provide valuable information and need-to-know RV-ing info for those who are new to RV-ing.
  • Safety in numbers. Being associated with a club can allow you to find out where other club members are camping, providing some additional safety if you can camp together or near each other.

The Best RV Clubs for Seniors on the Road

There are many fantastic opportunities when it comes to joining an RV club, but here is a list of the top ten best RV clubs for seniors.

1. Thousand Trails Camping Pass

Featuring 80+ RV parks and campgrounds across 22 states in the US (including British Columbia), Thousand Trails boasts sites at desirable locations like Orlando, Florida, Arizona’s Red Rock Mountains, and across the Pacific Coast!

Most of Thousand Trails’ campsites are fully equipped with electricity, water and sewer hookups, along with BBQ pits and picnic tables. In addition, they offer rental options like cabins, cottages, and even tiny houses and yurts!

Thousand Trails’s Camping Pass membership option allows you to pick five camping zones (split into regions Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, and Southwest) and pay $615 (you can also add additional zones for $65 each).

You have the option to pay in full or pay in monthy installlments.

Thousands Trails also prides themselves on their fun theme nights as well as a collection of over 200 pet-friendly campgrounds for furry family members.

2. Escapees Club

The Escapees Club is a community-based RV club that centers around bringing RV-ers from different walks of life together. The group boasts over 60,000 members who come from different generations and utilize different rigs, but all love the spirit of travel.

Escapees Club offers a number of benefits, such as a subscription to the Escapees magazine, membership to private online FB groups where travelers can share camping scoops, along with access to roadside assistance, the ability to post on the Escapee online job board, the option to take ongoing educational courses, the ability to get a private virtual mailbox, as well as the opportunity to receive discounts on tires, batteries, and more.

They have also partnered with roughly 800 commercial RV parks across the country that offer a 15-50% discount depending on the campground. Members can use the Escapees’ member map to see which sites offer the best deals!

But where the Escapees Club really shines is their large collection of members events and seminars, with regionally-based gatherings as well as hobby and activity-based meet ups.

Escapees Club is one of the best in terms of community, organizing many more events and rallies than most other clubs.

This membership comes at the affordable price of $49.95 for the year.

3. Good Sam Club

Good Sam Club offers 10% off over 2,100 Good Sam associated campgrounds as well as gas discounts at certain Pilot and Flying J locations. If you are looking to save money on products like tires or batteries this club can help too, as you’ll be able to get discounts at Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoors retail stores!

They also have options for additional emergency coverage and roadside assistance.

Good Sam Club membership costs just $29 per year

4. Boondockers Welcome

Another great RV club for seniors (as well as any RV-er) is called Boondockers Welcome.

This club caters to those interested in traveling off the grid. “Boondocking” refers to RV camping without water, electricity, or sewer hookups! If this is what you’re looking for, then you should definitely give this group a try.

Boondockers Welcome provides connections between private landowners and RVers. The landowners will offer free overnight parking for RVers! You will spend the night on their land, share stories, and save money. However, since it is free, you are expected not to overstay your welcome. Many landowners only expect you to stay one night, and you should almost never stay for more than three nights. 

Boondockers Welcome is a website that has been created to assist RV enthusiasts with the process of boondocking. This site connects private landowners and RVers who are looking for free overnight camping. Landowners allow RV-ers to camp free overnight on the landowner’s property. However, you should not overstay your welcome as the host expects the members only to stay one night and they do not encourage more than three nights of parking.

Boondockers Welcome is another affordable club, requiring you to just pay $30 a year to access their network of boondock-friendly land owners! You’ll also have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people as you chat with the landowners.

Another pro tip: nearly 75% of Boondocker Welcome locations actually have an electrical hookups, with many others also offering water and electric. You can see why this is such a popular RV group to join for seniors and younger folks alike!

5. Passport America

Passport America is one of the most popular RV clubs in the country, making it another great RV club for older seniors! Passport America provides larger discounts than most other RV clubs, offering as much as a 50% discount at nearly 1,800 eligible campsites across the United States for just $44 a year!

Travelers can use the Passport America app to find eligible discount campsites. Some campsites are even in Canada and Mexico for the opportunity for international RV-ing.

The only downside is that some members feel the campgrounds eligible for the 50% discount are not always the best, but with so many locations you’re sure to find some good fits!

6. Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a fun variation of the boondocker concept. Similar to Boondocker Welcome, Harvest Hosts makes it easy to find free dry camping options in private property. What’s awesome about Harvest Hosts is that you’re not just staying in someone’s backyard – you can stay at vineyards, breweries, distilleries, and farms for free!

Membership is $79 for the year, with an add-on option to pay an extra $20 to get access to over 300 golf courses across the US too!

7. KOA Value Kard Rewards

KOA focuses on family-friendly campgrounds close to metropolitan areas across the US, with their KOA Rewards Program tied into their campground network.

This makes KOA Rewards a fantastic RV club for seniors who want to visit relatives in large cities while having their own place to campout and call home.

KOA Rewards costs $33 per year and offers special discounts for members, with 10% off your daily registration rate, reward points that can be used to pay for future stays, and a free night of camping during KOA Rewards Weekend. In addition, you can get special discounts with Goodyear Tires, Allstate RV Roadhelp, and other services.

8. RoverPass Unlimited

RoverPass Unlimited is one of the newest RV clubs for seniors on the market. It is a great option for RV renters and full-time RVers.

With the pass, you will earn free booking through their reservation software with over 6,000 campgrounds across the United States. This makes it an especially good pick for part-time RVers unfamiliar with the at-times stressful process of booking a campground site.

They’re also known for stellar customer service that makes reservation booking easy and can answer any questions you have.

You can get RoverPass at monthly or a yearly commitment, with the monthly pass pricing at $30, and the annual pass costing $50. 

9. Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA)

The Family Motorcoach Association (FMCA) is one of the most popular RV clubs for seniors. It offers great perks including automatic coverage in emergencies via FMCAssist, access to the Family RVing Magazine, and FMCA University.

The magazine is published monthly with helpful information for RVers, and the FMCA University has a similar collection of useful RV-ing info.

However, FMCA’s main benefit is that you can stay at an FMCA campground for two nights a month for free! Members are also obsessed with FMCA’s mobile app that makes booking camping sites incredibly easy.

FMCA membership starts at $80 per year, with discounted pricing if you commit to more years upfront.

10. RVillage

RVillage is an online community where RVers of all ages meet and share tips, ideas, and stories. Basically, it’s Facebook for RV-ers!

There are no awesome discounts, but this site is free to join, so if you’re looking for some extra camaraderie or connections with gray-haired RVers this may be the place for you.

11. North American Family Campers Association

The North American Family Campers Association (NAFCA) is an RV club that focuses mainly on connecting with other RV-ers while hosting some events. It also publishes a monthly newsletter to keep everyone in the know. Membership dues are affordable for RV-ers on a budget at just $30 a tear.

12. Family Campers and RVers

Family Campers and RVers is one of the more unique RV clubs for seniors, as its a member-owned nonprofit organization. Membership costs $35 per year for US citizens and $45 per year for Canadian citizens.

Family Campers and RVers (FCRV) have programs aimed retirees, such as their Red Hat, Hard Had lunches, along with disaster awareness and safety training courses. They even provide scholarship assistance to members and their children who want to pursue wildlife management and conservation.

FCRV also hosts annual campventions, regional campouts, state campouts, along with membership discounts for hundreds of campgrounds, RV insurance, and other RV products.

13. Handicapped Travel Club

Traveling with a disability is often difficult but, the Handicapped Travel Club will help the disabled meet and socialize with others who know what it’s like. While the group is focused on traveling with a disability, the handicapped and non-handicapped alike are welcome to join.

The group currently has over 250 members and published a newsletter, plus hosts annual rallies and local gatherings. Membership is $15 per year.

14. The RV Advisor

The RV Advisor is a nationwide RV club focused on protecting RV-ers rights and providing resources for folks who need help navigating the complex RV industry. They aim to hold manufacturers and dealers accountable in an industry that can sometimes be unscrupulous.

RV Advisor Members get campground discounts, access to the rich RV Advisor community, along with roadside assistance perks, virtual RV service and diagnosis assistance, Harvest Hosts and BoonDocker coupons, and more for $29 per year.

Sign up for the five year membership and you can even get access to RV Advisor’s Legal Club for one year, which can help members prepare a will and trust, manage real-estate transactions, help with traffic ticket defense, and more!

15. Travel Resorts of America

Travel Resorts of America is a network of seven different resorts, with a focus on family fun, offering unique activities like mini-golf and paintball. Locations include New York, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

With the most basic “Pioneer Membership” includes advance site reservations, free day usage for the resorts, free camping, and more.

16. Roadtrek International Club

If you own a Roadtrek, the Roadtrek International Club is for you, with special rates and discounts on parts specific to the Roadtrek RV.

These vehicle-based clubs don’t always offer the same depth of benefits, but they provide great opportunities for community and camaraderie with other Roadtrek owners. The Roadtrek Club offers regional rallies and even caravan events for just $20 per year.

17. Airstream Club International

Another popular vehicle-based club is the Airstream International Club. Many Airstream owners are in love with their rig – if that sounds like you, check out this club!

Joining the Airstream club gives you access to rallies, caravans, and over 900 courtesy parking in certain areas of North America and Europe. They even have special interest clubs to help you connect with like-minded Airstream advocates! You can also get access to discount programs in partnership with Airstream.

18. Winnebago International Travelers

Winnebago International Travelers club is another RV vehicle-based club that brings together owners of Winnebagos! It offers a wide range of benefits, from special discounts, as well as the ability to attend rallies and caravans with over 16,000 other Winnebago owners for $40 per year.

Most RV clubs for seniors are not very expensive or exclusive, but nearly all of them have some form of membership fee, so sign up with one that meets your needs. Joining an RV club is a great way to meet people who love RV life just as much as you do.

Know of any other great RV clubs for seniors? Share your favorites in the comments!

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