3 Best Shower Chair Cushions for Seniors


Shower chairs can be useful for anyone who has difficulty standing and moving around in the shower, especially seniors. While many elderly individuals like sitting down on a shower chair when they bathe, standard shower chairs can be very uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin.

A shower chair cushion provides some extra padding and comfort, making bathing a more enjoyable experience for many older folks!

Learn how to choose the best shower cushions for seniors by opting for a well-cushioned, supportive shower chair for better, more comfortable bathing.

What to Look For in a Shower Chair Cushion

Here are some great features to look for when you are shopping around for shower chair cushions:

  • Quick-Dry. Plastic shower chair cushions are a popular choice because they dry quickly – regardless of which kind of shower cushion you chose, you’ll likely want a cushion that can dry quickly, whether through the use of quick-dry material or holes within the pad where water can drain out after bathing.
  • Padding. Senior adults will likely appreciate a shower chair with more padding. Extra padding makes for a more comfortable shower experience. It’s best to pick a cushion with spongy foam padding on the top and a thicker bottom in order to provide more support.
  • Waterproof Base. Shower chair cushions should be designed to keep moisture away from your skin, usually by having a waterproof fabric base.
  • Easy to Clean. Many seniors will opt for a shower chair cushion that can be removed from the chair and cleaned safely in the washing machine without much hassle. While many shower chair cushions are machine washable, not all are.
  • Armrests. Armrests provide greater stability for seniors and can make a sitdown shower session much more comfortable. The drawback is that armrests can make a shower chair bulkier, which may be a drawback if you’re looking for something very portable.
  • Multi-Use. Some shower chair cushions can be used for other purposes, such as doubling as a gardening knee cushion.
  • Appropriate Sizing. Be sure you choose a cushion with dimensions that appropriately fit with your shower chair.

Best Shower Chair Cushions for Seniors

Let’s dive into the best shower chair cushions for the elderly to make using a shower chair more comfortable!

1. DMI Waterproof Foam Cushion for Bath Seats

Shower Bench Seat Bathtub Cushion Shower Chair for Elderly Seniors Bath Cushion Shower Seats Transfer Bench Handicap Tub Benches for Bathtubs Disabled Shower Chairs Pillow Padded Bath Stools Seat Mat

DMI Waterproof Foam Cushion for Bath Seats

Vented mesh waterproof cushion

About: DMI’s Waterproof Foam Cushion works as a great shower and bath seat, as well as doubling as a kneeling mat! The cushion is made of durable waterproof foam material to ensure comfort and support for those with mobility issues while staying dry.

The cushion’s vent holes provide extra airflow to prevent the buildup of water, and this cushion is even dishwasher safe for easy cleaning!

Weighing in at less than 1lb with 1.3″ of padding, this cushion is lightweight and portable, making it a solid pick for at home or for traveling to hotels. It could potentially even double as a booster seat cushion for the car when just a little bit of lift is needed.

2. Shower Bench Seat Bathtub Cushion 

OasisSpace Cushion for Shower Chair,Seat Cushion for Shower Bench, Transfer Benches, Shower Chairs and Kneeling Pads,Bath Seat Cushion for Elderly, Senior, Handicap & Disabled

Shower Bench Seat Bathtub Cushion 

Ultra-soft and lightweight shower cushion

About: The Shower Bench Seat Cushion is made of lightweight 3D mesh fabric material with breathable foam as well as ample drainage holes.

This cushion has a built-in hook, allowing the user to simply hang the cushion after a shower or after washing so that it can dry easily.

This cushion weighs less than .5lbs, making it a great pick for on-the-go. However, this portability comes with some drawbacks – some report this isn’t one of the more comfortable cushion options out there.

3. BackJoy Bath Seat Foam Cushion

BackJoy Bath Seat Foam Cushion, Transfer Benches, Shower Chairs, Stadium Seats, Durable EVA Foam, Slip-Resistant, Waterproof, Improves Posture, (18'x11'), White Color

BackJoy Bath Seat Foam Cushion

Waterproof, contoured cushion with plenty of ventilation

About: The BackJoy Bath Seat is an ultra-durable closed-cell EVA cushion that’s waterproof as well as heat resistant up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit! Its contoured design is made to help keep the pelvis in proper alignment, which reduces the stress on the user’s back.

The cushion contains several slots that are specifically designed to encourage airflow, keeping moisture away from sensitive skin. Plus, the bottom surface of the cushion uses shorter pillars so that the senior’s pelvis can fit comfortably into the seat, avoiding irritating pressure points.

Alternative Option: Built-In Padded Seat

As an alternative to shower chair cushions, consider purchasing an adult shower seat with a built-in padded cushion. Although these types of shower chairs tend to be more expensive than the standard models, they provide better comfort and eliminate the need to buy a separate cushion.

We hope this guide has helped you choose an appropriate shower cushion for your needs – don’t forget to measure to make sure you buy a cushion that’s the perfect size for your shower chair!

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