The Best Electric Razors for Elderly Senior Men

If you’re a senior with sensitive skin, it can be difficult to find the right electric razor.
Elderly men will greatly benefit from choosing an electric razor that has features designed for seniors and people with sensitive skin, such as an ergonomic handle or simple button settings.

Features like these will make the razor easier to use – and therefore, increasing the likelihood of the senior keeping up with personal hygiene.

In this article, we’ll dive into how to choose an electric razor for an elderly user and highlight some of the best razors for seniors!

What to Look For in a Razor for Elderly Men

  • Ergonomic. The electric razor should be comfortable to hold. The handle should be easy to grip and the head of the shaver should move smoothly across the skin, which will help reduce irritation. Look for razors with contoured or padded hand grips.
  • Rotary or Foil Design. Rotary razors are designed to shave in a circular motion, which many people find easier to use. Foil shavers have razors that are covered with a metal foil which prevents the blades from coming into direct contact with the skin. While this can result in a slightly longer shaving time, this model tends to be more effective for those with sensitive skin. Either rotary or foil are both great picks for seniors!
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use. The razor should have a relatively simple design with controls that are easy to understand and operate, without too many unnecessary buttons. The buttons that are on the razor should be easy to press. It should also be easy to switch out the blades without requiring too much hand dexterity, especially for those with arthritis.
  • Wide Blade: Choose an electric razor with a wide blade head – this will allow the senior to use less pressure, minimizing the chance of irritating sensitive skin.
  • Cordless. Cordless is often the best choice for seniors, as it eliminates the danger of tripping or getting stuck on a stray cord. Just make sure the cordless charging cradle is easy to use and that the senior has enough room for a cordless cradle on their sink or in the vanity area.
  • Flexible Head. A flexible razor head can help to contour the razor around difficult shaving areas, making the shaving process generally easier on seniors.

1. Philips Norelco Corded Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Corded Electric Shaver 1100, S1150/81 with CloseCut Blade System

Philips Norelco Corded Electric Shaver

Corded razor with flexible head and simple one-touch operation

About: The Philips Norelco Corded Electric Shaver is a great option for seniors who prefer a corded unit. This razor’s blades are durable, self-sharpening, and utilize a 4-direction flexible razor head, providing a close shave that can effortlessly navigate the face and neck area.

This electric razor is also simple to use, with one-touch operation that turns the razor on with just a push of a button. The razor can also be easily rinsed under the tap, making quick cleanings easy.

While there are some disadvantages to a corded unit, the upside is that the user will never run out of power in the middle of shaving their face!

2. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5110 Wet & Dry, S5205/81, with SmartClick Precision Trimmer

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver

Rotary-style electric razor that’s cordless and easy to use

About: Philips Norelco Electric Shaver is a rotary-style cordless electric razor. It has a dual-cut technology that provides you with better closeness and smoothness than regular razors. This electric razor’s rolling heads lift to meet the contours of the face, neck and jawline, offering gentle shaving without irritation even on sensitive skin.

This razor can be used wet or dry, which means you can keep this shaver in the shower and use it there if you prefer. Fans love this razor’s “turbo mode” that eliminates large patches of hair quickly, while also noting that this razor achieves a remarkably close shave without much effort.

Some users specifically note purchasing this unit for elderly individuals with arthritis, with great success!

3. Braun Electric Razor for Men

Braun Electric Series 3 Razor with Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry Foil Shaver for Men, Blue/Black, 4 Piece

Braun Electric Razor for Men

Pressure-sensitive shaving that’s great for sensitive skin

About: The Braun Series 5 Electric Razor is the top-of-the-line electric razor offered by German manufacturer Braun. The razor features 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements, allowing the blades to automatically retract to better protect sensitive skin.

Alongside the blades is Braun’s protective metal mesh (aka SensoFoil) that provides a clean, safe, and close shave without irritation.

The razor also boasts a micro comb that captures extra hair with each shaving stroke, making the shaving process faster and more efficient.

The razor is designed to be used in wet or dry settings, and is compatible with water as well as foam or gel.

The unit is cordless and is even waterproof for up to five meters deep!

Tips for Elderly Shaving

  • Use Lubrication. Use a lubricating gel or foam to ensure sensitive senior skin is protected and the razoe blades are able to glide smoothly over any bumps or wrinkles.
  • Change the Blades. Change blade cartridges regularly often helps avoid irritation and ensures you’re getting a close shave every time.
  • Apply Moisturizer. Dry skin is more prone to redness, irritation, and inflammation—apply moisturizer immediately after shaving for best results.
  • Avoid Repeating Strokes. Avoid stroking the razor repetitively on one section of the skin, as this repetitive shaving creates irritation.

Shaving is a necessary part of life, but it can be difficult for seniors with sensitive skin or limited mobility. Choose a razor that will be easier for an elderly gentleman to use in order to encourage them to shave and maintain good hygiene!

Do you have a favorite razor for older men that we didn’t mention here? Share your top picks in the comments!

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