Best Bidets for Seniors: A Better Bathroom Experience for the Elderly!

While bidets have long been popular in Europe and Asia, they are just starting to pick up steam in the United States. Bidets are handy for anyone looking for a cleaner bathroom experience or hoping for a eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper.

However, bidets are especially valuable for seniors whose limited mobility may make wiping more difficult as they age.

Today we’ll be reviewing some of the best bidets for seniors and detailing all the different features you have to choose from when selecting a bidet. Some are essential for elderly individuals, while others are bonus features that may or may not matter to you.

How Much Does a Bidet Cost?

Bidets have quite a range in terms of pricing, with basic, no-frill bidets starting in the $20 – $40 range. There are more feature-packed bidets in the $50 – $300 dollar range, along with ultra-premium Japanese-grade bidets in the $500 and higher range!

While even a budget-pricing bidet will provide ample benefits for seniors, there are some features in higher-end bidets that many elderly individual may find worth the higher price point.

How Does a Bidet Work?

Bidets are beloved for this behind-cleaning capabilities, emitting a stream of water towards your behind for a more pleasant, more effective clean-up after a number two.

Let’s face it – toilet paper doesn’t always get the job done (using a dry piece of paper to wipe your behind just doesn’t make much sense when it comes down to it). Water works much better!

First time bidet users may find the water pressure emitted from a bidet can be quite… unexpected! But rest assured, you’ll get used to it quickly and may soon be like millions of other Americans who are now madly in love with their bidets!

Why Bidets Are Useful For Elderly Seniors

  • Requires less dexterity. Wiping can become quite difficult as you age. The inability to wipe is one of the biggest losses of mobility that often requires seniors to move into a care facility. Since a bidet eliminates the difficult task of bending backward and wiping (especially if the bidet has a dryer), bidets can have a huge impact on an elder senior’s life. A bidet may even allow a senior to stay in their home when they otherwise could not.
  • Better for cleanliness. Even elderly individuals who can wipe may often have a tough time doing a top-notch job. A bidet does a better job of ensuring that those with limited mobility keep clean and healthy.
  • Helpful for hemorrhoids. Studies have shown that bidets can relieve rectum pressure, possibly alleviating hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • Eco-friendly. Bidets require less toilet paper and result in a lower environmental footprint since using a bidet reduces carbon emissions resulting from the production and distribution of toilet paper.

Best Bidets for Seniors & Elderly Individuals

Luxe Bidet Neo 120

The Luxe offers easy-to-use dials for controlling the water wash pressure as well as the nozzle cleaning capability. The raised dials should be easy to manuever, even for those with limited hand dexterity.

Best Budget Bidet
LUXE Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white)

Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Affordable, basic bidet with self-cleaning nozzle and adjustable pressure

This bidet is one of the more basic options out there, but it’s solid quality, affordable, and a great first-time entry into the world of bidets!


  • Metal-ceramic core fittings and braided steel hoses that are more durable than other plastic options
  • Self-cleaning and retractable spray nozzle

The Luxe comes with all the pieces and attachments you’ll need to install this bidet in your home, with many reporting a short installation time of 20 – 30 minutes.

Users note that a T-adapter can be purchased for additional pressure control, although plenty of folks had no issues with the pressure using the standard, provided adapter. The bidet’s pressure largely depends on the pressure of your toilet.


  • Slim enough for most bathrooms, even in tight spaces 
  • Affordable enough even for tight budgets
  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Large raised knob that’s easy to turn


  • Users report this bidet is only compatible with elongated toilets, not round ones
  • Cold water only and no fancy extras

Luxe Bidet Neo 320

The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 is an upgrade of the Luxe Bidet Neo 120 listed above. The 320 has the same high-quality hardware, pressure adjustment, and self-cleaning nozzle capabilities as the model detailed above. However, the 320 also has a feminine wash nozzle as well as the option for warm water (with a hookup to the sink).

Best Bidet for Arthritis
LUXE Bidet BidetNeo320s Attachment Bidet, 13.5 x 7 x 3 inches, Blue

Luxe Bidet Neo 320

A budget-friendly bidet that also provides warm water and a feminine wash option

The Luxe Bidet 320 is a bit more expensive than the basic 120 model, but for just a few extra bucks you get the option for warm water spray (so long as you can connect to your bathroom’s sink line) as well as the feminine wash option, which provides a front-facing stream to access more lady parts.

This model also has a different dial design, with a large angled push/pull lever that may be easier for those with arthritis to use, rather than a turn-style knob.



  • Option for warm water (with sink hookup)
  • Feminine wash feature with a front-angeled stream
  • Large angeled lever that may be easier for those with arthritis to use


  • A bit more expensive than the standard model, but not much
  • For those who want the warm water capabilities, the sink connection requires a bit of extra installation effort (although still quite doable)

Tushy Classic

The Tushy Classic is a favorite for its streamlined design that’s attractive and simple. Featuring just a single dial, it’s perfect for seniors who get overwhelmed by too many dials and just want the basics.

Best Design
TUSHY Classic Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment - A Non-Electric Self Cleaning Water Sprayer w/Adjustable Water Pressure Nozzle, Angle Control & Easy Home Installation (White/Bamboo)

Tushy Classic

Simple, streamlined design with a single knob for pressure control

The Tushy Classic includes just one, simple dial that controls the water pressure and self-cleaning function. The small nozzle adjustment feature allows for slight adjustment of the stream’s angle so that you can get just the right, customized stream!


  • 12-month warranty on equipment and parts
  • Ultra-speedy installation that takes on average 10 – 20 minutes
  • Nozzle adjuster for slight stream angle adjustments
  • Simple, single pressure control knob that controls the self-cleaning nozzle’s spray and water pressure
  • Cold water only


  • Fans love the simple design
  • Single knob keeps things simple and prevents confusion
  • Nozzle adjuster included for slight angle adjustments


  • Somewhat expensive for a basic bidet
  • Knob may be difficult to grip and turn for those with arthritic hands

American Standard Aqua Wash

This ultra-subtle bidet is perfect for those who don’t want company asking questions about the contraption hooked to their toilet!

Most Discreet Bidet
American Standard 5900A05G.020 Aqua Wash Non-Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets, 14.9 in Wide x 3.6 in Tall x 21.1 in Deep, White

American Standard Aqua Wash

A minimalist, discreet bidet with side controls that don’t stand out

The American Standard Aqua Wash offers adjustable spray patterns with a front and back wash option. It also features a slow-close lid.


  • Ultra subtle and discreet design
  • Adjustable spray patterns for front and back wash
  • Slow close hinges to prevent slamming
  • Pressure controls are on the side of the seat
  • Top-mount installation where the entire toilet seat is replaced with this bidet seat
  • One-press lift-off button that allows for easy cleaning of the bidet and seat

This bidet is also one. ofthe easiest to install, with top mount installation and a one-press lift-off button that makes cleaning the bidet much easier.


  • Small side dial allows this bidet to be compatible even with toilets that have little to no side clearance in small spaces
  • Cold water only


  • While side dials offer a discreet design, they may be difficult for those with mobility impairments to access easily
  • A few users report that, after installing this bidet, the toilet opening is too small (primarily could be an issue for men)

Bio Bidet SlimEdge

The Bio Bidet SlimEdge is another budget-friendly bidet that boasts a more discreet, slim design. With two nozzles, this bidet provides a traditional wash as well as a feminine wash for front cleaning.

Best Slim Design Bidet
BioBidet SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment in White with Dual Nozzle, Fresh Water Spray, Non Electric, Easy to Install, Brass Inlet and Internal Valve

Bio Bidet SlimEdge

Ultra-thin bidet with side controls that take up minimal space and a single dial for simplicity

This affordable cold-water bidet has a simple design composed of one main knob. The knob doesn’t have any raised middle section, which means the user must grip the sides of the dial to turn it (which may be an issue for those with arthritis).


  • Easy-turn grip control knob
  • Dual nozzle design for front and back wash
  • Slim design that won’t take up unnecessary space


  • Sleek, slim design that maintains simplicity
  • A very affordable bidet option


  • Uses small icons rather than words on the knob, which may confuse some seniors
  • Individuals with arthritis may have trouble with this knob that requires gripping the edges to turn (however, some seem to find this knob quite easy to use)

Toto C100

The Toto C100 is a higher-end bidet that boasts a ton of incredible features that are useful for seniors.

Best Bidet With Dryer
TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water, Heated Seat, Deodorizer, Warm Air Dryer, and PREMIST, Elongated, Cotton White

Toto C100

High-end electric bidet with warm water, a warm air dryer, as well as a deodorizer and a heated seat!

This bidet boasts a cold and adjustable warm water option, along with several pressure settings. It had a dual spray with an oscillating option that will keep you clean, every time.

Best of all, this bidet has a warm air dryer option that completely eliminates the need for reaching around with toilet paper! It also includes a heated seat option, air deodorizer to eliminate odors, and a soft-close seat that won’t startle you when you’re done with the toilet!

The TotoC100 offers a number of cleanliness features, with pre-mist capabilities that will spray the toilet bowl with a fine mist that causes waste particles to slide right off. The self-cleaning wand automatically rinses itself off after each use, requiring no reminders from you.

You can even set personalized water cleansing settings to customize your wash to your ideal liking.


  • Cold and warm water option (no sink connection required)
  • Several pressure settings and an oscillating stream option
  • Warm air dryer option
  • Heated seat
  • Air deodorizer
  • Soft-close seat to prevent slamming
  • Pre-mist toilet bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the bowl
  • Self-cleaning want that auto-rinses after each use
  • Option to program and save personalized settings


  • Warm air dryer option, heated seat, and other extra features seniors can benefit from
  • Buttons are raised and easy to press, while also featuring icons as well as words.


  • More features also means more buttons, and some seniors may find the array of options overwhelming.

Toto S550E

Best Premium Splurge Bidet
TOTO SW3056#01 S550E Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with Cleansing Warm, Nightlight, Auto Open and Close Lid, Instantaneous Water Heating, and EWATER+, Elongated Contemporary, Cotton White

Toto S550E

An ultra-premium bidet with warm water, a heated seat and dryer, plus an automatic open/close lid and a nightlight

The Toto S550E is an ultra-premium bidet that’s the cream-of-the-crop. It boasts a hefty price tag that will likely be out of most people’s budgets. But for those who can afford it, the Toto S55OE promises a luxurious bathroom experience.

Like the other Toto model detailed here, the S550E offers warm and cold water functionality, except this bidet provides continuous warm water that won’t run out. The bidet provides varying pressure options, along with oscillating and pulsating water spray functions. It provides a heated seat as well as a warm air dryer functionality.

Cleanliness is taken care of with the Toto, with pre-mist capabilities that moisten the toilet bowl to keep waste from sticking. The nozzle also auto-cleans itself after each use.

This higher-end Toto is unique in that it features an automatic open/close lid, with the toilet seat lid opening when it senses someone approach and closing after the user departs for a hands-free experience.

This bidet also includes a nightlight built-in which illuminates the room for safer nighttime access.

The S550E uses a remote control instead of a side control panel, which some seniors may find preferable, although the touch buttons are somewhat small.


  • All the features of the above Toto model, plus an automatic open/close lid, a built-in nightlight, continuous warm water, and a remote control.


  • Warm air dryer eliminates the need to wipe
  • Automatic open/close lid makes toilet experience touch-free
  • Built-in night-light provides added bathroom safety at night


  • Very expensive
  • Remote control may be more of a nuisance for some seniors
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Bidet Features and Considerations for Seniors

Let’s detail some of the most important and valuable features found in bidets, and which features are especially essential for elderly seniors.

Warm Water Spray

Most bidets emit a cold stream of water for rear-end cleaning. This is because the majority of bidets spray a stream of water by splitting the toilet’s water line, allowing an additional water line to be used for the bidet. Since your toilet’s water line does not use warm water, neither will your bidet.

However, some bidets offer a warm water option. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Warm Water Accessed From Sink. Some bidets allow you to connect your sink’s water line to your bidet. Since your sink has access to warm water for washing your hands, that warm water can be diverted to the bidet as well. However, this can only be done if your toilet is positioned beside the sink.
  • Heated Water Reservoir. Certain premium bidets do not require a sink line hookup for warm water, and instead have a warm water reservoir where the bidet heats up the cold water from the toilet line. Since the bidet heats the water itself, this feature is only available with electric bidets.

Some bidet users find warm water to be a game-changer, but plenty of others consider it unnecessary and find traditional cold water quite refreshing!

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Nearly every bidet has a self-cleaning wand, which is when the bidet want (where the water shoots out of) has the ability to pour water over itself, cleaning and residue off of it.

Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that regular washing is un-necessary – you’ll still want to clean it occasionally with a bathroom cleaner.

bidet nozzle


Dryers tend to be un-necessary add-on for most bidet users, as drying yourself by air takes a lot more time than wiping.

However, a dryer can be an immensely valuable feature for seniors.

Reaching around and wiping can become a very difficult acrobatic maneuver for the elderly – in fact, it’s one of the first motor skill movements that elderly seniors lose, and is a major factor in many seniors choosing to relocate to a senior care facility.

A dryer makes reaching around and wiping un-necessary, potentially allowing some seniors to stay in their homes longer.

Many higher-end bidets with warm air dryers also allow you to customize the warmth of the dryer so it’s at just the right temperature!

Heated Seat

Heated seats are certainly not a necessity, but it sure is a nice bonus, especially if you live in a region with cold winters.

heated seat

Water Stream Options & Pressure Settings

All bidets have some form of water pressure control. For most bidets, you’ll be able to turn a knob or dial to adjust the pressure of the water stream.

However, some more high-end bidets offer additonal water stream options, like a pulsating stream or oscilatting stream which moves back and forth for more full cleaning coverage.

Some bidets also let you choose the specific position and angle of your water stream for complete customization.

Soft Close & Auto-Close Seat

While it’s not as common, some higher-end bidets have a soft-close feature which prevents the toilet seat from making a loud banging sound when it closes after use.

Other premium bidets actually have the electronic capability to auto-open and close the toilet seat hands-free! Admittedly this probably isn’t an essential feature for most, but for those with poor hand dexterity or severe arthritis, this may be a handy feature indeed!

Feminine Wash

Most bidets only have a single stream of water that aims towards the user’s behind. However, some bidets also have an option for feminine wash. These bidets emit a water stream towards the user’s front, designed for women.


The pre-misting feature is less common, usually only found in higher-end models, but it can be quite the handy feature. Pre-misting is when the bidet coats the toilet bowl in a light water mist prior to use. The slick surface prevents waste and residue from sticking and collecting onto the toilet bowl, saving seniors from extra toilet clean-up effort.

pre misting toilet bowl

Some models also include a UV sanitizing light as well, which can be useful for seniors who don’t get around to cleaning the bathroom as often as they’d like. However, the truth is that if there is even a tiny space between the toilet seat and the bowl, germs can escape the UV light, rendering the germ-destroying UV light ineffective.

Since all toilets have this gap between the seat and bowl, the UV sanitizing light probably isn’t a feature worth worrying too much about.

Toilet Night Light

Some higher-end bidets come with a night light that illuminates the toilet at night. This can be a handy feature for some seniors who can’t always get a good look at the rim of the toilet bowl in the dark. However, there are also plenty of self-install night light options and even 3rd party toilet bowl night lights you can install yourself.


automatic air deodorizer neutralizes bathroom odors by using powerful filters

Toilet Size Options

As is the case with raised toilet seats, bidets can come in a standard, round form or an elongated form. Be sure that you understand what size toilet you have and choose the appropriate size that matches your existing setup.

 If your toilet is elongated (aka egg shape), then you’ll need an elongated bidet seat. If your toilet is round, go with a round bidet seat option.

It’s worth noting that elongated bidet seats actually can work with round toilet seats. The only issue is that the holes used on elongated bidets won’t match up with a round toilet. This could result in your only being able to screw in one side attaching the bidet to the seat, which could cause issues in the long run.

However, despite this issue, some people who have round toilets actually prefer the elongated bidet because they find it more comfortable. The bidet seat will hang off the front of the toilet and may look a bit odd, but it shouldn’t be an issue comfort-wise.

Round toilets can be tricky, even with a matching round-style bidet. This is because some round-fitting bidets have a slope towards the back that connects with the water tank, making the entire toilet feel smaller. Some users don’t have an issue with this, but depending on your size, this could be a nuisance and make your toilet uncomfortable.

Other Bidet Considerations for Elderly Users

Bidet Remote vs Built-In Panel

Bidets allow users to control the pressure stream and settings through one of two ways – a control panel that is attached to the side of the bidet or a remote control.

bidet controls

The side control panel is much more common, as remotes are only found in higher-end bidets. While many users prefer the remote control option, they usually rely on touch buttons, so most seniors might actually prefer the larger, bulkier knob controls and dials found on the side panels of bidets.

Electric vs Non-Electric

More affordable bidets tend to be non-electric. These bidets don’t boast a ton of features – they usually use a cold water stream and offer control of the water stream’s pressure, and that’s about it.

Electric bidets boast more premium features, with warm air dryers, heated toilet seats, and reservoir warm water (with all these features requiring electricity to work). However, electric bidets also need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function properly. Most US bathrooms aren’t designed with an outlet beside the toilet, so you may need to put up with a cumbersome extension cord or have an electrician add an additional outlet beside the toilet.

Installation Difficulty: Are Bidets Hard To Install?

You’ll also want to consider the level of difficulty when it comes to installing the bidet.

Budget-focused bidets that just offer a single stream of cold water tend to be the easiest to install, taking anywhere from 10 – 30 minutes depending on how comfortable you are fiddling with your toilet’s water line.

installing a bidet

Most bidets come with clear instructions that should make installing a bidet a breeze. However, you’ll want to take note of whether the hose going into your toilet tank is flexible or a firm copper hose. If the hose is firm and not flexible, you’ll probably need to run to a hardware store and pick up a flexible hose (they just cost a few bucks).

If you have a tank toilet, installing a bidet toilet seat is usually quite easy. However, tankless toilets will probably require help installing from a professional plumber.

Items needed:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Cup or bowl to catch falling water during installation

Steps for Installing a Bidet:

Step 1: Shut off the toilet’s water access (and flush a few times). This can be done by turning a large knob attached to the wall, right beneath the toilet.

Step 2: Detach the water supply hose from the base of the toilet’s water tank that connects the toilet tank to the wall.

Step 3: Use a “T” or “Y” splitter (which usually comes included with your bidet) and use a new piece of piping (also usually included with the bidet) to connect the supply hose to the bidet.

Step 4: Remove your toilet seat, place the bidet toilet seat insert on top of the bowl, and re-attach the toilet seat and toilet seat lid on top of the bidet panel. Alternatively, you may end up replacing the entire toilet seat with the bidet seat if you’ve purchased that kind of model.

Step 5: Place cup or bowl beneath the piping (you may want a towel to collect water as well). You may not have screwed something on tightly enough or screwed a piece on the wrong way. If you witness leaking, just turn off the water, make adjustments, and try again.

Premium electric bidets usually require a bit of additional work, but not much since they function largely the same way by accessing your toilet’s water line providing heat through the electrical access.

If you want to use a non-electric bidet with a warm water option that accesses the sink’s warm water, that will require some additional installation effort.

bidet installation

Still, bidets aren’t generally too cumbersome to install. They can take a handy individual around half an hour if everything goes well. However, installation will require turning knobs for the water access pipes (which can be very tight and difficult to turn in some cases), as well as squeezing yourself behind your toilet for setup, so it requires someone with decent mobility and hand dexterity.

There are videos on YouTube showing how to install nearly every popular type of bidet on the market, so consider watching a video if you need a bit of a confidence boost before installing a bidet for yourself or a loved one.

Types of Bidets

While bidet toilet seats are the most common type of bidet found in the United States, there are several bidet types and designs you may encounter throughout your travels.

Bidet Toilet Seats

bidet toilet seat

Bidet toilet seats are the most popular modern iteration of the bidet. Bidet toilet seats either replace your entire existing toilet seat, or are installed between your existing toilet seat and the toilet bowl. They function via a nozzle that extends from the device and emits a water spray.

Bidet toilet seats come in electric and non-electric varities. This is the most popular style of bidet and is the kind we review in this article.

Shower Bidets

shower bidet

Shower-style bidets are hand-held bidets that resemble a kitchen sink spray nozzle. This style of bidet is common in Southern Asia.

While easy enough to use, requiring you to simply press down a button and spray, they are more difficult for seniors since they require you to reach around and spray yourself from behind. Because of this, they are not very good for those with limited mobility and are a poor option for elderly seniors.

Standalone Bidets

stand alone bidet

Standalone bidets are most commonly found in Southern Europe. They are installed completely separately from the toilet, resembling a small sink. This is the oldest, traditional form of the bidet.

The first bidet design was a raised stool with a bowl of water. The user would straddle the stool and scoop water from the bowl onto themselves. The word “bidet” actually comes from the Fench word for “pony,” due to the straddled posture one would assume when using a bidet in the 17th century!

Portable Bidets

portable bidet edited

Portable travel bidets for individuals who want access to a bidet no matter where they go! Portable bidets resemble water bottles with a nozzle that sprays out water. As with shower-style bidets, they require the user to reach around behind themselves, making them not a great option for seniors.

What About Using a Bidet With a Toilet Riser or Frame?

Many seniors are concerned about whether or not a bidet will be compatible with an existing raised toilet seat or toilet frame.

This can be a bit tricky, as bidets often have side panels that may obstruct the handles commonly included with toilet seat risers. However, as shown in the video below, in many cases the toilet seat riser handles can be removed for better compatibility.

Alternatively, a stand-alone toilet frame can be used alongside a bidet to provide handles for gripping.

Other Toilet Aids & Bidet Accessories for Seniors

Bidet Bumpers

Many bidets require adding a panel between the back of the toilet and the seat for installation. This can result in a space between the front of the toilet seat and the bowl. While many users never have an issue with this small gap, others find it quite annoying. Some even report issues with their seat sliding or becoming dismantled.

To eliminate this issue, you can purchase bidet bumpers. These small bumpers are placed around the bottom of the toilet seat, ensuring that the front and back sections of the toilet seat remain level, eliminating any movement.

Bidet Toilet Seat Bumper for Bidet Attachment with Strong Adhesive White 4PACK

Bidet Toilet Seat Bumpers

Toilet seat bumpers for bidets that eliminate annoying gaps

Toilet Stools

Bidets are a fantastic tool for senior bathroom use, but it’s not the only piece of equipment that can elevate an elderly individual’s bathroom experience.

A toilet stool is an incredibly useful item that positions your body in a natural, comfortable squatting posture. This is actually the natural posture our bodies are designed to use when reliving ourselves.

The un-natural sitting posture used with standard toilets can result in colon blockages which may lead to constipation, bloating, and hemorrhoids, making a toilet stool great for preventive care.

Repositioning ourselves into a more squat-like stance using a toilet stool allows for easier, healthier, less stressful movements!

Option 1: The Squatty Potty

The doctor-recommended Squatty Potty is a great option, designed to eliminate bad bathroom posture and reposition users into a natural squat stance. In fact, it’s been clinically proven to eliminate strain by 91%.

Original Toilet Stool
Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool, 7 Inch height, White

Squatty Potty

Doctor-recommended and certified medical device allowing you to mimic a natural squat, aligning your colon for easier eliminations

The Squatty Potty has been featured on Shark Tank as well as Howard Stern. It comes in a 7″ height, which is the standard option, as well as a 9″ version for taller toilets.

Plus, it’s made with 50% recyclable materials!

Option #2: Tushy Ottoman

The Tushy Ottoman accomplishes a similar goal to the Squatty Potty, re-aligning your sitting toilet stance into a squatting posture that is better for your body.

The Tushy Ottoman’s difference lies largely in its design, with a more sleek, curved design that some users may find more elegant and discreet.

TUSHY Original Premium Toilet Stool for Bathroom - Modern Sleek Design - White/Bamboo, Tall

Tushy Ottoman

Sleek, modern-looking toilet stool for healthier number twos

The Tushy Ottoman also offers two leg size options – a 7″ and 9″ option. You also have the option of choosing bamboo legs or hard plastic.

Do you have a bidet installed in your home? How has it changed your life? Share your bidet stories with us!

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