Easy Coloring Pages for Seniors: Free & Printable!

Check out our full collection of coloring pages for elderly adults! Many older seniors enjoy coloring, but the popular complicated mandalas and intricate coloring pages found in most coloring books for adults are too complex and overwhelming! At the same time, seniors don’t want to be infantilized by being forced to color pages designed for kids.

That’s why we’ve designed these free easy coloring pages for elderly adults. Our coloring pages are simple, but not childish. With fun themes like planes, cars, flowers, and shells, we have coloring pages that will appeal to any adult. Many even serve as great easy coloring pages for seniors with dementia.

All our coloring pages are printable and while they vary in complexity, all designs are on the simple side!








Mandalas (cont)












Nature Patterns


Botanics & Plants






Simple Animals


Simple Flowers

What are the benefits of coloring books for seniors?

Coloring books can be tremendously beneficial for seniors , providing them with an opportunity to express their creative side while also keeping their minds sharp. For many seniors, coloring can be a way to relax and unwind after a long day.

It can also help to stimulate their brain activity and improve their fine motor skills. Many caregivers find that coloring in pages can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding activity for your elderly loved ones, consider getting them a coloring book or printing out some of the pages above!

What kind of coloring pages do seniors like best?

There are a variety of coloring books available for seniors, so it is important to choose one that will best suit their interests and abilities. If an elderly adult is a fan of nature, consider getting them a coloring book with scenic landscapes or animals. For those who enjoy more abstract designs, there are also plenty of options available featuring geometric patterns and mandalas.

If your senior is struggling with vision problems, there are also large print coloring books available which can make the activity more enjoyable and accessible. In fact, most of our coloring pages featured here are large-print and can be enjoyed even by elderly adults who can’t see well.

What kind of coloring pages are best for elderly adults with dementia?

If you are caring for a senior with dementia, it is important to choose coloring pages that are calming and not too overwhelming. Steer clear of busy patterns, complicated mandalas, or coloring pages with a lot of small details. Instead, opt for coloring pages with larger shapes and simpler designs.

Many of our coloring pages are perfect for adults with dementia, as they use simple shapes and designs that won’t overwhelm the colorers.

While adults with dementia can only handle simpler designs, many will still not like the idea of coloring pages that are clearly designed for children. That’s why our coloring pages are not childish – while the shapes and designs are simple, the design is still adult and more sophisticated than a child’s coloring book.

Any coloring pages for seniors you think we should add? Let us know and we’ll work on including your seniors’ favorite!

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    I mail out library materials to the homebound. Many of my patrons are visual or physically impaired and not able to get out and about. I like to include seasonal brain activities and coloring pages to the library users which they seem to enjoy. However, I find it difficult finding appropriate coloring pages for my seniors and dementia and physically challenged patrons. I am sooooo thankful I stumbled on your site. Thank you!!! My Suggestions: Seasonal/holiday coloring pages, but possibly like a coloring postcard that they can color and send out as a note or letter. Also, maybe an easy coloring bookmark? Thank you again.
    Kelly Wilson
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