Best Pill Cutters for Seniors: Top 7 Choices on the Market

Due to medication adjustments, it’s common to have to split pills into halves or even thirds for appropriate dosages. However, seniors with limited dexterity may struggle with manually splitting a pill by hand.

There’s always the option of cutting up pills with scissors or a knife, but such attempts usually end with the medication flying off of the counter and onto the floor. 

Not to mention, a slip of the hand could result in a serious cut!

For most seniors (and really individuals of any age) a pill cutter will be the best method for splitting pills.

Pill cutters can vary in size, shape, and design. We’ve put together a list of the best pill cutters around, detailing the different features of various models as well as discussing considerations to keep in mind when choosing between pill cutters.

What Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Pill Cutter

When it comes to buying a pill cutter, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Let’s discuss some of the most important featured and factors to consider:

Note: Always consult a physician to make sure it’s safe to split your medication.

Size of the Pill Cutter

When shopping for a pill cutter, you’ll want to choose a pill cutter that is appropriate to the size of the pills that you need to cut.

Pill tablets can vary in size and shape, so you’ll always need to choose a pill cutter that is an appropriate match for the pill, or you risk an irregular cut – which in turn could lead to incorrect medication dosage! 

Push vs Squeeze Type of Pill Cutter

When it comes to the types of pill cutters, there are two options: push and squeeze cutters.

  • Push Cutter. With a push pill cutter, you simply place the pill in the receptacle and push the top of the pill cutter to cut the pill in half. 
  • Squeeze Cutter. With a squeeze pill cutter you squeeze a scissor-style tool to split the pill.

A push pill cutter is easy for anyone to operate. If you are infirm, have a weak grip or have shaky hands, the push cutter type is best, as it can be challenging to use the squeeze type cutter with painful or arthritis hands. 

Safety Features

Most pill cutters use blades to split the pills, but you’ll likely want to try to buy a pill cutter with blade guards; otherwise, you expose yourself to the risk of getting cut. The good news is that most pill cutters have a blade guard to protect your fingers.

Storage Capacity

Some pill cutters also contain compartments to store the pills after they’ve been cut.

The capacity of these compartments can vary from brand to brand. If you want a cutter that also stores for your tablets, make sure you buy one that has sufficient capacity.

Alternatively, you can move the cut pills into a pill organizer for easy management.

Additional Features

Although a pill cutter’s primary use is to split tablets, some cutters may also allow you to crush or grind the tablets. This is beneficial for people who find it hard to swallow medication. With the pill crushed, you can simply mix it with food or a milkshake.

best pill splitters for elderly

Types of Pill Cutter

There are three main kinds of pill cutters:

Basic Pill Cutter

These pill cutters contain only one blade, making them suitable for cutting small pills.

Standard pill cutters are usually small and compact so that they can be stored in a purse, bathroom drawer, or medicine cabinet.

Multi-Functional Cutter

If you’re looking for a cutter that can split hard pills as well as crush them, then a multifunctional cutter will be your best bet.

Pill crushers usually require more pressure to break up the pills, so keep this in mind if you know you’re looking for a pill grinder, as it may be more challenging to operate for those with limited hand strength. 

Dual-Dlade Cutter

Dual-blade cutters allow a senior to cut pills into either halves or quarters, depending on your medication requirements.

However, dual-bladed pill cutters are not suitable for cutting small pills. Also, due to more blades, these pill splitters tend to be more expensive than standard single-blade pill cutters.

How Do Pill Cutters Work?

Splitting pills is hard to do properly using a knife or blade, but a pill cutter will cut pills with ease while avoiding injuries or potential cuts. 

Before using any pill cutter, you’ll need to make sure that the pill cutter is clean and no previous pill debris remain lodged around the blades. 

Generally, pills have a groove in the middle to easily see where you have to split them. Simply position the tablet in the receptacle of the pill cutter and align the pill’s groove with the blade of the pill cutter.

Once the position is set, push the pill cutter down to split until the lid closes completely. Collect the split pill and store the unused part in a provided partition or a cool, dry place. 

Best Pill Cutter & Splitter Reviews

1. Apex Ultra Pill Cutter

Best Budget Pill Cutter
Apex Ultra Pill Cutter - Pill Splitter With Retracting Blade Guard - For Cutting Small Pills or Large Pills In Half, Blue/Green and Clear, 1 Count, Assorted Colors

Apex Ultra Pill Cutter

About: The Apex Ultra Pill Cutter uses optical grade polycarbonate with a flexible v-shape holder to retain a pill of any size for accurate cutting. The contoured design also comes with an over-mold for additional support.  

This pill cutter incorporates a retracting blade guard for safe cutting. The blade guard covers the blade when the pill-splitter isn’t in use so that your fingers are safe and the blade remains sharp. 

The V-shaped design firmly grips pills of various sizes for easy and accurate cutting to provide the proper medication dosage, while the over-mold’s added finger grooves make it easy to split pills comfortably. 

Plus, the cutter’s clear, see-through material allows you to view the blade’s positioning so that you can visually confirm that the pill will be sliced evenly before pressing down. The see-through material also allows you to see what pills you have in the storage compartment without opening it and potentially spilling pills.

The cutter comes with a rubber-like surface that keeps the pills in place for an even cut. There’s even a  small built-in tray that holds the pill pieces until you’re splitting your pills. 


  • Works for both pills and tablets.
  • Has a flexible v-shape for accurate cutting.
  • Clear, see-through casing allows you to confirm the blade is lined up to cut the pill evenly.


  • Not very effective for cutting multiple pills at a time

2. The Equadose Pill Splitter

Best Pill Cutter For Small Pills
The Equadose Pill Splitter. The Best Pill Cutter Ever! Doubles as a Pill Box. Great for Pets Too!

The Equadose Pill Splitter

About: The Equadose Pill Cutter is made using aircraft-grade aluminum, with accurate blades that are angled and designed to not get dull

The twin blades create a split point that gives you perfect halves every time you use it. The Equadose pill cutter can split tablets of any size and shape. The ultra-slim compact design makes this pill cutter ideal for travel and on-the-go use.

Plus, it’s made in the USA!


  • Can be carried around easily.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best pill cutter for small and oblong pills


  • It is a bit expensive.

3. Pillcut Multiple Pill Splitter

Best Multi-Pill Cutter
Multiple Pill Splitter. Original Patented Design, with Accurate Pill Alignment, Sturdy Cutting Blade and Blade Guard, for Splitting and Quartering Round or Oblong Pills.US Patent No. 9,827,165.

Pillcut Multiple Pill Splitter

About: The Pillcut Multiple Pill Splitter is just the thing for cutting multiple round and oblong pills. This pill splicer is made with medical-grade stainless steel and from good-quality plastic that gives it a strong and sturdy construction. 

The highlight of this pill cutter is that you can use it to split multiple pills at once. Just line up your daily or weekly supply and cut them all in one go!

This Pillcut Multiple Pill Cutter comes with a full blade guard to keep your fingers safe while splitting your pills into halves and quarters.


  • Suitable for round and oblong pills.
  • Includes a blade safeguard.
  • Cuts several pills at once.


  • Not ideal for pills of other shapes.

4. Ezy Dose Pill Crusher and Grinder

Best Drinking Cup and Cutter
EZY DOSE Cut N' Crush │ Pill Cutter│ Pill Crusher, Blue, 1 Count (Pack of 1), 67750

Ezy Dose Pill Crusher and Grinder

About: The Ezy Dose Pill Crusher is a versatile cutter that can crush pills too! The cutter has flexible arms to hold pills perfectly for accurate cutting and a stainless steel blade that stays sharp and won’t become blunt over time. 

The crusher works on most pills and tablets by turning the crusher cap back and forth to press down on the pill, crushing it into a powdery form.

This Ezy Dose pill cutter is a complete package for any senior. It comes with a drink cup, crusher, and a built-in storage compartment that can hold up to four pills. 

With its built-in cup, this pill cutter is an especially great choice for those who travel regularly and need to take medication with them.


  • Can be used as a crusher and a multipurpose cutter
  • Great for travel


  • Not clear, so you can’t visually see the pill as it is being cut

5. Auvon Scissors-Shaped Pill Cutter

Best Scissor Style Pill Cutter
AUVON Scissors-Shaped Pill Cutter, Sharp Blade Pill Splitter for Accurately Dividing Various Size of Vitamins, Tablets and Medications in Half

Auvon Scissors-Shaped Pill Cutter

About: The Auvon Scissors-Shaped Pill Cutter lets you see where the cut is being made, offering full control over the splitting point.

The large blade design can cut square, oval, oblong, and round tablets of most sizes. This cutter even lets you cut tiny pills with great accuracy. 

The sharp stainless steel blade cuts tablets into halves and quarters evenly with little to no crumbling. Plus, this pill cutter is easy to clean – you can wash these pill scissors directly under running water after every use.


  • Sturdy pill cutter.
  • Helps to cut pills accurately.


  • Not ideal for oval-shaped pills.

6. Zannaki 2 in 1 Pill Organizer with Cutter

Best 2-in-1 Pill Cutter and Organizer
Zannaki 2 in 1 Pill Organizer with Cutter,Large Compartment Grain Fiber Moisture Proof Weekly Pill Case, Magnetic Lock,BPA Free Travel Hiking 7 Day Pill Box to Hold Pills,Vitamins,Fish Oil,Supplements

Zannaki 2 in 1 Pill Organizer with Cutter

About: The Zannaki 2-in-1 Pill Organizer has a built-in pill cutter with a stainless steel blade and a V-shaped holder for the pills. 

The Zannaki can split your tablets into halves, quarters, or one-eighths. This cutter has a magnetic locking system and the compartments and cutter are mounted on a Japan premium steel axle.

It features seven big compartments, which can each hold up to 10 daily pills, giving you storage for up to a week’s supply of medication. You can also use the bottom shell of the case as a small water cup while taking medicine outdoors.  

The spin locking system can hold your pills firmly and will prevent them from popping out. The dual-layer design with an airtight rubber ring keeps your pills dry and cool and ensures that the product has a long and durable life. 

This organizer also comes with a dust-proof storage bag and a hanging cord that makes it portable.


  • Good for frequent travelers.
  • Up to 32 pills per compartment
  • Easy to use.


  • It could break if not handled carefully.

7. TookMag Pill Grinder Pill Crusher

Best Pill Grinder and Pulveriser
TookMag Pill Grinder Pill Crusher Grinder with Pill Box Container - Grind and Pulverize Pills and Tablets to Fine Powder, Use for Feeding Tubes, Kids or Dogs, Cat

TookMag Pill Grinder Pill Crusher

About: The TookMag Pill Grinder features a strong ceramic core, with strong abrasion that lets it grind pills of any size into powder. The grinding ability is especially beneficial for people who experience difficulty swallowing standard pills. 

This pill grinder and splitter is uniquely designed to allow the grinder to crush tablets into powder in just 30 seconds. You can crush multiple tablets and pills at the same time using this device.

This portable pill cutter comes with a storage compartment that is perfect for holding your pills, tablets, and other medication. Plus, the compact size of this pill cutter makes it easy to take medicine while traveling. 


  • Easy to carry.
  • Use it for multiple tablets at the same time.


  • The design is plain and basic.

Not only do pill cutters effortlessly cut pills, many models come with storage space or compartments, which help you keep track of your medication. They can make the life of seniors much easier. 

We hope this guide has given you an idea of the best pill cutters available for seniors and we hope one of the items detailed here will meet your pill-cutting needs!

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